Love this dress a little small i so need to get some more.

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by saramarie61

One of my few dresses


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Sara Marie Franklin (SMF)

I’m 56 year old cd/tg still not sure where i fall and only fully dressed for the first time in 2006. Married and love to be a feminine as much as possible. Enjoy my femininity every time I get to be Sara. I dress and go out about 1 a month to my group meeting and dinner afterwards. I so enjoy my time as Sara.

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    1. Dianne Simpson 8 months ago

      Amazingly feminine and beautiful the outfit the confident look love it all

      • Author

        Dianne thank you so much I am so glad I am starting to look more confident it is the hardest part to feel natural and confident in your look. Your comments mean a lot honey. Ty

    2. Karen B 8 months ago

      You always look great! All your photos are beautiful.
      Thank you for all you do for all of us on this site.

      • Author

        Karen you are so welcome and thank you so much for you kind words. The best perk of being a woman is the ability to dress beautiful. So much why I love to take hours to dress. : )

    3. Hollie James 8 months ago

      Looking good Sara.

    4. Leonara 8 months ago

      Sara, such an elegant lady … well done

    5. Terri Anne 8 months ago

      You look so nice Sara, well done.

    6. Erica Cartman 8 months ago

      Lovely, absolutely lovely! Erica

    7. Stephanie Cross 8 months ago

      Very nice look you have Sara.
      Sometimes the next size down fits better than the usual size.
      Keep up the good work girl. Thank you for sharing.

    8. Janine7 8 months ago

      I think that you look fantastic in that outfit. Everything blends in perfectly with your beautiful hair.

    9. kaydee 7 months ago

      love the look Sara hun fabulous

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