Found this VfEmage dress online and instantly fell in love. Turned out to be even better in person. A big shout out to Cloe D for turning me on to Amazon dresses – can’t believe I’ve been missing out all these years.

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Julie Slowinski

Been dressing at home for many years, but recently went out for the first time (see evolution question below for details). Went solo that time, but would like to make new friends to meetup with for the next outing. Hoping to meet like-minded CD's in my area and elsewhere - we never know where our travels will take us and what opportunities will arise.

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  1. Cloé Cupcake 4 months ago

    OMG Julie, you look fabulous in that dress!!! The shoes, bag and pearls are fantastic, You own that outfit!

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Oh Cloe, I totally owe you one (maybe 10), for turning me on to Amazon dresses. I’m so stoked about this dress – can’t wait to get her on the street. Plus, I’ve got 4 more sitting in my cart, just waiting for my budget to catch up. You’re the best!!!!

      • Author
        Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

        Oh yeah, the shoes … Have had those Nine West shoes for for about four months and finally found the perfect dress to go with my favorite shoes. I’m just giddy with excitement about how this outfit has come together.

  2. Sarah Daniels 4 months ago

    OMG! So jealous.

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Thanks Sarah. Loved your post about tips for buying clothes – been through all those moments, especially the one about running down the hall, stripping off your drab clothes to try on the new purchases …

  3. Stephanie Cross 4 months ago

    You sure have a cute look in that wonderful dress.
    Very fem and pretty. Great job Julie and thanks for sharing.

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Thanks Stephanie. I figure sharing is what CDH is all about. Also, thanks for your post about flying pretty, however if that dress ever sees the inside of an airport, it will definitely be from the inside of a suitcase.

  4. Joan Sheridan 4 months ago

    yet again stunning m’dear

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Hey Joan … I’m loving your pictures too. That striped dress is just incredible, especially with your beautiful curves.

      • Joan Sheridan 4 months ago

        thank you julie

  5. Amber James 4 months ago

    You look stunning Julie as always love the dress looks amazing on you !

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Thanks Amber. She doesn’t really know it, but I owe it all to my phenomenal wife. Please give your wife an extra hug from me for being such a great person.

  6. Jamie Vegas 4 months ago

    Beautiful, dear beautiful!

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Thanks Jamie. Looks like you’re into muscle cars. Used have a 60’s Mustang. Tried to do all my own work on it, but a certain other hobby kept taking all my free time. Finally gave up and gave it to my dad, who in his retirement has minted it out. Maybe one day Julie will get a picture with that baby.

      • Jamie Vegas 4 months ago

        Yes, I love old cars, I have 5 1/2 classic Chevys, The 1/2 is a old 70’s fiberglass funny car body hanging from my pole barn ceiling(garage art). 3 have stock 4 cyl engines and 1 has a goodwrench 350 cid and the last has a V671 blower 2 4 barrel carters with nitrous on a 355 cid V8 set up pro-street style. I think I split my Jim/Jamie time about 40/60%.

  7. Patty Phose 4 months ago

    Just beautiful Julie

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Thanks Patty. Would you believe there is 5 years of hair growth on those legs. Two words: ‘Dance Tights’. Would be lost without them …

  8. Rhonda Roe 4 months ago

    Love the lavender….You look Fantastic Julie!!!

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Thanks Rhonda. It was just a ‘Perfect Day’!!! Was reaping just what I’d sown.

  9. Sofia Lawrence 4 months ago

    Just gorgeous! Love your smile Julie.

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Thanks Sofia. Not-Julie has such a hard time smiling, but it just comes naturally for Julie. By the way, can’t wait to see you with your new curves. Please keep us updated!!!

  10. Rochelle 4 months ago

    You are so beautiful. That color is awesome. And that dress fits you soo nice.

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Thanks Rochelle. I do love that color. The part I didn’t expect is that the black of the neck detail matches the little black trim of the shoes, which go with the purse. Didn’t plan it that way, just got lucky. If I was a true fashionista, that would have been the plan from the start.

  11. Candy Graham 4 months ago

    Beautiful Julie! You look stunning and so happy!

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Hey Candy. Would love to see you back on CDH. If you do come back, maybe no pictures … just some good quality private conversations.

  12. Jaquie 4 months ago

    I just love your pics you are a very smart and classy lady

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Thanks Jaquie, especially since classy is something you know quite a bit about. I’ve done quite a bit of dressing in Pittsburgh, wish I knew you at the time.

  13. Lisbeth Lacy 4 months ago

    Perfect cocktail dress. Sexy and classy

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Sexy and classy is exactly what I was going for. Thanks Johnie.

  14. Stephanie Stanek 4 months ago

    You look lovely in that dress and the color is fantastic. I definitely like you better sans boots and keep showing off your legs. Did you go shopping?

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Thanks Steph. Oh yes, that color is so fantastic. So glad I took the risk, and didn’t go with the safe black.

  15. Kathy Jenkins 4 months ago

    Totally stunning, Julie! You fill it perfectly!

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Thanks Kathy. Looks like you know something about filling out a dress. Love your curves.

  16. Cindy Denier 4 months ago

    Stunning Julie, you look fantastic.

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Thanks Cindy. Unfortunately, I have no place to wear that beautiful dress – not fancy enough for the opera, but to fancy for grocery shopping….

  17. Chrissie Cross 4 months ago

    You melt my heart Julie!

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Chrissie – you’re melting MY heart with such a wonderful comment.

  18. Rosie White 4 months ago

    Looking very smart Julie.

  19. Louise Willis 4 months ago

    What a classy lady you are. Just hope I can dress as well as you with practice. I feel a bit inspired! Louise.

    • Author
      Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

      Thanks Louise. I’m starting to really like this idea of classy.

  20. Raquel Welsh 4 months ago

    Love your style, Julie

  21. Sarah S 4 months ago


  22. Kara Kelly 4 months ago

    You are really rockin’ that dress !

  23. Christy Hunter 4 months ago

    You are looking Fabulous!

  24. Sara Marie Franklin 4 months ago

    Love that dress on you Julie! You are stunning and the makeup mawuah love it! And cute shoes too. What can i say a perfect package right there. Keep smiling you are all woman!

  25. Claire Castoni 4 months ago

    Lovely Dress Julie looks Beautiful on you girl xx

  26. Diana dan 4 months ago

    a lady…super beautifull

  27. Jessica Flower Flower 3 months ago

    Just Lovely!!

  28. Barbie Benson 3 months ago

    Your so Beautiful Julie

  29. Randi Layne 1 month ago

    Very attractive. You do justice to the dress – or it does you justice. Either way, it works beautifully.

  30. Keeley Guise 7 days ago

    Love the shoes.

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