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by scarlett398

You girls know by now how much I love to incorporate so many of my colorful buddies so you have more to look at besides just me! My buddies are scattered all over our home in every room so I have easy and quick access to my little friends! I really liked this outfit as well and I hope you do too! Love y’all and love supporting you girls here and in our Article section. I’m editing three more articles today and tomorrow. Sincerely, Scarlett



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I love the thrill of cross dressing and based on the CDH girls' comments in response to my posted photos, I must be pretty good at exploring the feminine side of myself. I find it sexy, sensual, exciting, challenging, and ever changing. I'm so very blessed now to have as much money as I want to spend on Scarlett and can now, for the very first time in fifteen years, actually purchase dresses, tops, and skirts while shopping with my wife! I never thought that would ever come to fruition! I can now store all of Scarlett's things in our huge dream home when just a short period of time ago, it would all have to be kept in a temperature controlled storage unit. I love Crossdresser Heaven and know it's the classiest and most tasteful cross dressing site on line. All the girls are full of support and encouragement and if folks come to the site with alternative motives which aren't in line with our founder’s rules and regulations, they are quickly deleted from our site. Vanessa Law, our founder, keeps this site classy at all times. She has much help from her Ambassadors, Chat Room Monitors, Photo Monitors, Article Editors, and many more personnel to keep this site classy, encouraging, and supportive.
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Natalie Elizabeth
Trusted Member
3 years ago

Wonderful to see you! Such cute boots and skirt!!

XO Natale

Martina Klarc
3 years ago

See, It’s infectious, Bucee is smiling too !

Danielle Wayne' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
Danielle Wayne
3 years ago

you are just too much girlfriend. Love the boots, skirt, buckee the beaver. and of course you…missed ya girlfriend

Patty Phose
Famed Member
3 years ago

Great to see you and your beaver looking so fine.

Linda mm Magliore
Trusted Member
3 years ago

Much appreciative of your continued work for the forum during this time.

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