Me In My Newest Pencil Skirt In Black and White!

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by scarlett398

You girls know I love the black and white photo format and this pencil skirt with the black top, jet black Hanes thigh high hose and the black ankle strapped heels just looked as good in black and white as it did in color. I hope you enjoy the outfit and photo! XOXO Scarlett


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    1. lyla james 3 months ago

      Very pretty ! You look so good!

      • Author
        Scarlett398 3 months ago

        Hi Lyla, I love black and white photos but none of the other girls do..Oh well!
        Thanks for being the only girl to send a sweet note on this one! I thought it deserved more but no one likes the black and white thing!

        Love ya and very sexy photo you posted..Can’t wait to see more!

        XOXOXO Scarlett

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