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by scarlett398

By the way, Woody said to tell you girls - "Howdy Partners!" He's been in all four of the Disney Toy Story Movies and is always the star in each one of the movies! He has a big heart like me and always wants to save the world! Now on to Bear Bryant who was and still is one of the most famous college football coaches in the history of college football! The Bear and I spent over 20 years on the sidelines together and won six national titles! The only other division one coach who has six national titles is Nick Saban and he's coaching the Alabama Crimson Tide as well right now. I won $50 on Alabama minus the 22.5 points this weekend when the Tide played Tennessee up in Rocky Top Knoxville Tennessee. Alabama won the game 48 to 17 easily covering that 22.5 betting spread for me! Alabama will probably win the national title this year and unfortunately pass up the national title record Bear Bryant and I set back in 1979! And Nick Saban will then have seven national titles - six of which would have come from coaching Alabama and one would have come from coaching the LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge Louisianna. There are my hand weights on top of an antique military footlocker that belonged to a Vietnam Marine Infantry Officer by the name of Jay Vanderswag and he's burried in the Barrancus National Cemetery on the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida just a 20 minute drive from where I currently live! That Naval Air Station is where my son got his wings after his flight training at that very same base. He flew the P3 Orions (The Submarine Hunters) for the Navy for eight years! He was a Captain when he got out of the Navy to pursue a career in the food business and currently owns six Jersey Mike's Sub Sandwich Shops in the Northwest Florida area. I use those hand weights for my arms and shoulders workout each day! You will also see four souvenier footballs on top of that footlocker from national championship games I was on the sidelines for! I've been on the sidelines for 24 national college football championship games. I've led a fascinating life and it continues on with my football endeavors and sharing my thrill of cross dressing with all of you girls here at Crossdresser Heaven - the best cross dressing site in the World! Sorry for the longest note I've ever paired with one of my photos. However, I hope you found something in these writings that peaked your interest rather than boring you to death. Usually, when I bring up sports in the Chat Room, I hear nothing but crickets from the girls and they get out of the Chart Room as fast as rats leaving a sinking ship so I try not to bring the subject of sports up while I'm in the chat room. It's the same with you girls who are huge NASCAR fans. When that subject comes up, the girls leave in a hurry too! Thanks for taking time to read this novel and I won't ever do this to you girls on a picture ever again - I promise! XOXOXOX Scarlett


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Trusted Member
JackieBoy (@jackieboy)
27 days ago

I collect autographs too. Baseball, Football and Hockey. My favorite Autograph is on an all white football and I got Johnny Unitas’s on it and it is spectacular because he went to Catholic School as a child back when they still taught penmanship in grade schools. I also got Earl Morrall’s on the same ball and his was so sloppy that I am sorry I ruined the ball with it. They don’t teach cursive writing in grade school any more and because of that any former player under 45 it isn’t worth going to the autograph shows and paying them… Read more »

Aaron "Adrianna"
Aaron "Adrianna" (@opencder)
27 days ago

No way! Some of this has to be made up. One does not simply be a championship winning coach and a father while also looking like this! If so I’m blown away.

Amy Myers
Trusted Member
Amy Myers (@amylove2dress)
27 days ago

Beautiful, Scarlett!

Linda mm Magliore
Trusted Member
Linda mm Magliore (@belinda-c)
27 days ago

Thank you Scarlett, your background is very fascinating and enjoyable to read about. And as always your loveliness is enjoyable to view.

Active Member
Leonara (@leonara)
26 days ago

Ah! Woody I am one of his fans too.. every movie brought a tear to the eye
By the way you look sexy and maaavelous, sweetie in Pink love that smile be well & stay safe Leonara xoxo

Skyler Connor
Trusted Member
Skyler Connor (@misswonderful)
23 days ago

Hello Scarlett,

You amaze me not only your beauty and class, but what an exciting life you have experienced.

Like JACKIE BOY, I collect sports memorbila and autographs from Ted Williams to Tom Brady.

I always enjoy when you have Woody and your Beaver in your pictures. Ha Ha !

Please continue to send your beauty through cyber space.


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