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  1. Profile photo of Patti Parker
    Patti Parker 1 week ago


  2. Profile photo of Patti Parker
    Patti Parker 2 weeks ago


  3. Profile photo of Lisbeth Lacy
    Lisbeth Lacy 4 weeks ago

    I cannot believe my eyes you are the total femme the dress, the hair, the makeup..You nailed it.

  4. Profile photo of Ilona AAA
    Ilona AAA 1 month ago
  5. Profile photo of Louise Willis
    Louise Willis 1 month ago

    Wow darling. Seriously gorgeous and thanks for posting such a nice photo. Encouragement for all of us.

  6. JackieOhNo 1 month ago

    Oh I just want to hug you,and hold you,for as long as you would allow me…..Jackieohno

  7. Profile photo of Lisbeth Lacy
    Lisbeth Lacy 1 month ago

    Honey you’re a total knockout. 10 out of 10.

  8. Profile photo of Michelle Wilmington
    Michelle Wilmington 1 month ago

    I wish I could look half that good dressed!

  9. Marcie 5 months ago

    you are beautiful. your pictures look awesome.

  10. Profile photo of Julie Larreau
    Julie Larreau 6 months ago

    OMG! Sadly reminds me how far I have to go!! LOVE the hair!!

  11. Profile photo of Kandy Barr
    Kandy Barr 7 months ago

    Wow,im blown away you’re not a gg. You are prettier than most gg out there

  12. Profile photo of Sheryl Johnstone
    Sheryl Johnstone 9 months ago

    Jenny – you are absolutely gorgeous – are you sure you are not a cis female masquerading as a transgender woman?

  13. Kitty 9 months ago

    u look Great


  14. Profile photo of jamie
    jamie 10 months ago

    All I can say is beautiful!!!

  15. Profile photo of Gretchen Carolina Laurentina

    Jenny, To get that look like a GG must’ve taken some time, a lot of serious effort, a really quality wig and makeup, lessons on how to pose, and a lot of fabulous accessories to complete the illusion that makes you so very ultra girly girl that you could easily become a high fashion female model like those that pose in women’s magazines like Mademoiselle , Vogue, or Glamour. Anyone attempting to improve themselves in their feminine appearance could take a few lessons from you. Not only are you beautiful, sexy, lovely, and totally convincing; but you also have an alluring smile to go with what I would call the total package. If a guy could look that good as a girl, he’d never want to be anything else.

  16. Profile photo of Crystal Lee
    Crystal Lee 10 months ago

    absolutely stunning!!!

  17. Profile photo of
    jazmine 12 months ago

    What a beautiful set of pictures you are a lovely lady

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