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by marilyncd

Isn’t it funny, looking back, how you went from an interest to a small collection of clothing and with each step got a little more confident in you only to fall more in love with “her!” How she made you feel … how you wanted to become “her” then … here you are. And knowing, the best is yet to come!!!



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Marilyn Simpson

I just love being a woman …. in every way! Like many of you who grew up in a Christian home and even still practice your faith… I’ve struggled with the guilt verses my desires to be “her!” I’ve lived a straight life because that’s what was expected of me. As I’ve gotten older and “life” had its struggles, I found comfort in being “her!” Marilyn has become everything to me that my “holier than thou” wife couldn’t or wouldn’t be and I love “her” for it. I’m glad I found a home here in heaven …a Cross Dressers heaven!!!!

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    Alex Kline
    Alex Kline
    6 months ago

    Looking good even then girl!

    Angela Wagner
    Managing Ambassador
    Famed Member
    6 months ago

    We all have our unique crossdressing journey Marilyn. Yours seems to have started off gradually, and progressed steadily. But you clearly had good success early in the process, because you look wonderful in this photo. And judging from how lovely you look in your debut photo, you have truly become the woman you were meant to be.

    Last edited 6 months ago by Angela Wagner
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