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by michellemybell

Up until now I have been dressing in my wife's hand me downs and this is my first dress purchase. I thought it would be wise to start with a LBD. Got it online and it's not exactly what I was expecting so it motivated me to get the courage to get out to shop (in drab). I did pick up some additional dresses from a local Goodwill store this week and can't wait to get the chance to wear them and share some pics. I wasn't going to post any pictures from this dress up session since I was unhappy with my makeup skills. My contouring needs a lot of work and I learned that makeup looks a lot different in natural lighting than it does in the bathroom mirror. However, a close friend convinced me that I was being overly critical and the purpose here is just to share not judge.



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Michelle Davis

76 year old crossdresser. Love dressing and feeling girly but in the closet for now. My mother wanted a girl and kept me in dresses with long curly hair until at 2.5 years old my uncle had enough and took me to a barber and insisted my mother cut out the dresses. My nana was raising a female cousin and provided daycare when I was young. If I had an accident she would put me in my cousins panties until my mom came home. It was suppose to teach me to be more careful but I loved the panties. My earliest memories are me trying on my cousins clothes and I have wanted to dress as a girl my whole life. I tried to fight against this by being a manly man. I played ice hockey and joined the Marines, got married and had a couple of children. The need to dress never went away although I fought hard and went through several wardrobe purges. I enjoy cooking, wine, music, photography, shopping of course and most outdoor activities including golf, skiing, skating, and hiking.

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    Active Member
    1 year ago

    So pretty!
    Love the dress, hose and heels.
    Gret joy and congrats on your first dress purchase, wishing you many more!

    Jessica-Renee Delorme
    Active Member

    Hi Michelle..
    I think you make that dress look gorgeous ! I too did some of my first shopping at the Goodwill store and found some very nice outfits. Since then I have graduated to Torrid, Rainbow, and Shein for several outfits. I hope you find more beautiful dresses. I’m hoping to share some of my pics soon and like you am still working on the makeup.

    Danielle Wayne' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
    Danielle Wayne
    1 year ago

    great choice. love the sleeves. you look so happy.

    Michelle Jamison
    Trusted Member
    2 months ago

    That first dress purchase is such a special one!! And a classic little black dress. Hopefully the first of many dress buys for you!

    Lindsay B
    1 month ago

    Gorgeous! Very beautiful dress and photo.

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