My New Outfit!

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by joanna89

My new outfit came from Amazon! I'm borrowing my wife's skirt though, because the one I ordered (just like hers) was too big for me, and I'm waiting on a replacement.


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    Joanna Graham

    I am a married cross-dresser. My wife knows about my dressing. She is very supportive, and we are learning together what a loving, cross-dressing marriage looks like.

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    1. Kenzlie Dee 2 weeks ago

      Love all your new pics Joanna!! So cute. you’re such a natural beauty. Keep working it the way you do, girl!

    2. Leonara 3 weeks ago

      Joanna… very pretty love the shoes and the skirt showing off those gorgeous legs
      Well done thanks for sharing

    3. Madison Morris 3 weeks ago

      Too cute!

    4. Jillian Simpson 3 weeks ago

      Simply adorable. Love love it.

    5. Heather Jameson 3 weeks ago

      Have to agree with Patty, you are just too darn cute.

    6. Patty Phose 3 weeks ago

      So cute

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