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by scarlett398

So anyway girls, my wife and I were shopping at TJ Maxx a week ago and she picked this gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger dress off the rack and tried it on. When she came out of the fitting room I said, "Wow Sugar Puss, that dress is smokin' hot on you!" So she bought that one along with several others. Good thing they had two mediums of the same dress so I could go back the next day and pick mine up too! Do you girls shop with your wives? I have to do it on the sly and go back the next day to purchase my goodies. Can't purchase Scarlett's things while shopping with my Sugar Puss! Just happens to be one of my acceptable cross dressing limits that's just fine with me. XOXO Scarlett


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Gabriela Romani
Active Member

Very cute look Scarlett! Booties too!

Sharon LaRue

Hello to my big sister Scarlett!!! I LOVE the fireplace poses–of course the “look” is sensational-but I LOVE seeing my big sister – with that inner glow and smile-that reveals her tenderness -caring and fun! I LOVE hearing how you shop and your secrets to success–I think of lot of us look to you for encouragement and “tips” because frankly–you are just beautiful-seem so natural at it–and-MOST importantly–your caring shows through–from your heart Scarlett!–You beam and make me beam–your smile warms me and makes me smile–your eyes are gentle (and yes sexy) and make me want to be more like… Read more »


Hi Scarlett
Sharon said it all about you, “–You beam and make me beam–your smile warms me and makes me smile”- I shop (in drab) with my wife also… and return like you if I see something for Leonara… I like Christmas and Kathy’s birthday because I by an outfit for her and Leonara.. hmm I wonder if the salesperson notices Kathy is petite and Leonara is a misses 10 lol
Scarlett your outfits are beautiful.. thanks for sharing…..Leonara

Monica Austin

You look gorgeous!!! You are very fortunate to have a wife who can share this!

Sharon LaRue

Good morning My Dear Sweet Big Sister Scarlett! After reading your ever so sweet note–I had tears of happiness-I believe getting to know you and being inspired by you–and sharing your wonderful heart-is one of the happiest events in my life! I am amazed that that 1st picture of you-and the feeling that came over me–was 100% accurate–YOU are an AMAZING and Wonderful Woman–and the Big Sister I have ALWAYS dreamed of. Your sharing of Scarlett is the highlight of every day for me!! I am just in awe of you and how lovely you are–and all of that radiance… Read more »

Sharon LaRue

Dearest Scarlett! Thank you for your kindness and gentle words! Yes–a LOT in common and probably a lot of philosophical similarities as well!! I so admire your brave persona and your so matter of fact “take me as I am”–of course anyone with YOUR physical beauty has a bit of an easier time–and believe me–when God was handing out looks and sex appeal–he spent a LOT of time with YOU!! Plus–you have developed into one of the MOST Caring women I have ever “met”!! I see your care in the photos you take and in the words you express and… Read more »

Linda Leather

Very lucky to have a wife to shop with

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