1. Naomi Bach 4 weeks ago

    Outfit looks great on you. I’ve got plenty of heels for you to try on…lol. Keep posting beautiful pics.

  2. Martine Heyy 4 weeks ago

    You look so gorgeous, Damn! you should definetly post my pictures. Adoring those tights btw, where did you get them o.o

  3. Brianna Slat 1 month ago

    You look phenomenal. You were that dress do well.

  4. Bianca Everdene 1 month ago

    Looking good Madeline, the LBD is so versatile and stylish. Well done for uploading your first photo.

    • Author
      Madeline Kimber 1 month ago

      Thanks Bianca – it is, I actually live for them Thank you so much, although it was you who helped give me the confidence to put myself out there! <3

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