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  1. Emma 7 days ago

    Gina, you look fabulous

  2. vanessa monet 4 weeks ago

    Wow Gina you look sexy

  3. Stephanie Stanek 4 weeks ago

    Nice hair and the makeup.

    • Author
      Gina Angelo 4 weeks ago

      I wore my boots this time, thought of you

  4. Jessica Flower Flower 1 month ago

    Gina, I have already commented on this lovely picture of you once, but I just have to say that your glowing beauty and femininity is just such an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing this lovely picture.

  5. Patty Phose 1 month ago

    You are looking so fine.

  6. Jackts 1 month ago


  7. Charlene 1 month ago

    Looking very girly.

  8. Kara Kelly 1 month ago

    Sexy look ! LOVE those boots !

  9. Pat 1 month ago

    So beautiful and demure! I love the boots!

  10. kathy lust 1 month ago

    nice posture ! as well

    • Author
      Gina Angelo 1 month ago

      Thanks Mom “chuckle snort”

      I have learned that one of the easiest ways to spot a MtF is posture, so I am always reminding myself

  11. Cloughie Dunn 1 month ago

    Gorgeous Gina and love those boots!

  12. Jamie Vegas 1 month ago

    Stunning absolutely stunning!

  13. Jessica Flower Flower 1 month ago

    WOW! Gina you look wonderful. So Gorgeous!

  14. Lisa Laurence 1 month ago


  15. Angelique Grant 1 month ago

    Gina, GORGEOUS! You are a beautiful girl and as I have a serious thing for female hair….. you nailed it! Stunning!

    • Author
      Gina Angelo 1 month ago

      Coming from someone like you with such style…Thank you

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