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Hi. So this is truly a transformation for me and tremendously liberating. I've never shown my face when I'm Emma and this is my first time ever. With the support of this group and all of the brave women that have inspired me I thought it was time. This is my first experience with makeup and I'd love some critiquing and advise. My goal is to finally go out into public without a mask and I really don't know what to think, will I pass or will people know and stare. In my masculin life I'm very secure and couldn't care less of what others think of me. As Emma I'm much more insecure and terribly frightened of how others view me. Today I'm wearing a J.Crew cashmere sweater, J.Crew wool skirt and finished with a pair of ribbed wool tights.


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Emma Adler

Hi, everyone. I'm Emma and I am so happy to have found such a welcoming and open place to feel safe and unjudged. I've loved and envied women's clothing since i was quite young – always jealous of girls outfits. I had a female childhood friend that liked to dress me in her clothes and I loved it. Since then I've embraced my affinity for women's clothing, especially of the time when I was growing up. I consider myself traditional and conservative in my choice of outfits. I have an adoration for well coordinated outfits, favoring items such as sweaters of wool and cashmere, skirts and leggings as well as the accessories such as socks, tights, panties and bras. I love the conservative preppy look, always have. I can't get enough of cable knits, they're so feminine and I love the traditional pattern and texture. In my masculine I'm quite the opposite of conservative and traditional. While I'm not a follower and I drum to my own beat as well as pride myself in my uniqueness, Emma is very much a rule follower and prides herself on being excepted and behaving properly. Please excuse the mask in my photos, I'm pretty new to this so I'm not quite ready to lose it. I'm learning a lot about makeup and as soon as I'm happy with it I'll feel more confident to remove it.

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    Gabriela Romani
    Managing Ambassador
    Noble Member
    6 months ago


    This is a great closeup! Congrats in ditching the mask, even though it is something we all can relate to.

    I can also relate/understand your desire to be passable. I don’t think that you are far off, at least when it comes to how you look. Yet “passing” is a lot more than the looks alone.
    And… it can be anticlimatic.

    I hope and wish you will find acceptance anywhere you go! 😉

    Marie Chandler
    Trusted Member
    6 months ago

    Your makeup looks great! Nicely done.

    Cindy Andrews
    Active Member
    6 months ago

    Well done Emma on having the courage to take off the mask. You have nothing to fear! Just open the front door and head out there – you will be fine! It’s all in the head – I’ve got passed that barrier recently myself, and I can honestly tell you that it gets easier with each little adventure. The first time is the most difficult, but you will feel so amazing afterwards. Have confidence in yourself, that’s all you need now – don’t worry about how you look – from your photos here you will be fine. Just go and… Read more »

    Sherri Remington
    Active Member
    6 months ago

    It’s so nice to see that pretty face, now go out there and see the world Emma, you’re ready for it and the world deserves to see that beautiful woman.

    Rozalyn Richards
    Trusted Member
    6 months ago

    You should take more pictures without the mask Emma, you have got a beautiful face and it shouldn’t be hidden away X
    Hugs Rozalyn X

    JJ Jardiniere
    JJ Jardiniere
    6 months ago

    Hi Emma, You are rockin it. I wish my makeup came out that well.

    Megan Kelly
    Active Member
    6 months ago

    Looking fabulous Emma. Congrats on putting yourself out there. It is such a wonderful feeling.

    Alli Katz
    Active Member
    5 months ago

    Your make-up looks fine from here. You haven’t gone over the top – which I think is a good thing. Looks and sounds like you are well on the road to being happy being you. Well done.

    Diane Buffy
    12 days ago

    I think you shouldn’t be so critical of yourself I think you look lovely and shouldn’t be afraid to do anything you want while dressed

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