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My first time out en femme since being officially fully vaccinated. It was a special Pride Month drag show in my stuffy uptight town. So, I wore my Trans Pride tee shirt, Trans Pride socks, and trans Pride pin that my kid got me. I had a ultra short skirt (that barely covered my cheeks) with a chiffon overlay that had butterfly appliqué all over it in pastel rainbow colors.


En Femme Style

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Mika Malone

I’ve been underdressing with my wife’s knowledge since 2010. The extent of my journey, thus far, has just been wearing women’s panties daily (all day, every day). I occasionally wear stockings. If I’m not wearing skinny jeans, I sometimes wear thigh highs with garters. I have worn corsets at home in the past but now that I want to go further, I learned that my love of beer has made all my old corsets too small which has motivated me to lose weight. I had planned to only dress in public at some special events. The more I thought about doing that, the more I wanted to just do it regardless of if it was for an event where it would be acceptable. Three weeks after ordering my first shoes and skirt, I made my first public outing en femme. It was wonderful, fulfilling, and I want to do it more and more.

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    Clara Cross
    Active Member
    2 years ago

    Love,love,love it Mika!

    Tabitha Lennox
    2 years ago

    Wearing panties and leggings every day is a good start, but waking up every morning and putting on a bra is the most uniquely female thing to do. As women, it starts to feel like your job 24/7 is to make your breasts look as big and as perky as possible for the enjoyment of the world! Lol. Seriously though, when I started to religiously (yes, even at church) wear a bra every day that I became more aware of my breasts and they’ve actually started changing how I walked and move. Mine are biologically bigger than most, but any… Read more »

    Yvette Novack
    2 years ago

    I too wear panties everyday and a bra has often as possible. Wearing fem makes me feel so good. Going out in public whenever I can is so important to me. Hugs and kisses Yvette

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