In My Glory – Not hiding anymore – A Trip to the City Park


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  1. Michael 7 months ago

    Lovely picture in dress

  2. Sally Kensington 11 months ago

    ..and when you arrived at the park in your pretty dress and smiled, the sun came out

    • Author
      Hannah Jeanne Charlton 11 months ago

      Thanks for the kind comments:)

      It was a beautiful day! It was the first time that I was in public view of hundreds of people.

      A different experience for sure


      • Maria Troup 6 months ago

        You took a big step you had butterflys in your stomach and have did you feel after I’m really happy for you

      • Maria Troup 6 months ago

        You took a big step you had butterflys in your stomach and how did you feel after I’m really happy for you

  3. Stephanie Stanek 1 year ago

    You’re looking very comfy in this outfit and it’s exciting to see you out in public. The more you get out there, you will continue to gain confidence. Maybe, you can meet me in DC someday

  4. Rochelle Mooney 1 year ago

    Hannah, you always look so beautiful, and amazing. You look so relaxed and confident. I would love to be able to go out and have a girls day with you. Hugs Rochelle.

    • Author

      Your great Rochelle!

      I was extremely relaxed I don’t know why …maybe all of the practice. Someday I’ll be able to go out with my “sisters ”

      Thanks for your sweet message.


  5. Kara Kelly 1 year ago

    Lovely dress on a lovely lady.

  6. Marianne 1 year ago

    I guess there’s nothing that’s going to stop you now. Go for it girl but don’t be over confident. Every girl has to be aware of the dangers that may lurk around out there.


    • Author


      Thanks for the advice. I was uncomfortable while dressing in the car. I felt vulnerable then. But then I was in a different town. Once back at my home town I knew my surroundings and was okay. I am not overconfident- just confident.

  7. Liv 1 year ago

    oh wow Hannah. So cool that you went out. You look so wonderful. Would love to join you next time. Go girl!!!

    • Author

      I guess we are pushing each other because I saw your photo outside and figured..”I can do it too!”
      Just waiting to have a professional take some high quality pictures.

      Thanks again,

      • Liv 1 year ago

        πŸ˜‰ so nice we inspire each other. Way to go. Really brave to take the step!!
        Hugs, Liv

  8. Bianca Everdene 1 year ago

    Love the summer dress Hannah, and looks a perfect day to be out in it, and as usual you look so happy and confident.

  9. Cissy D 1 year ago

    Just beautiful. Wish I could look as good as you.

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