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Turquiose outfit


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Steph Di Firenze

Just starting and looking for new friends I am looking to meet other CD/ TVs and admirers even just to make friends and share ideas and tips.I only recently started exploring crossdressing after trying very light CD about 8 years ago The light CD only went as far as stockings, suspender and knickers. My partner and I were talking about our relationship, other interests and fanatasies. This led me to exploring CD even further. Originally my ultimate goal was to go out in public fully dressed as a woman with my partner. I have done that after a fantastic session on makeup and dressing. I will have to make time to practice and re-explore that fantastic experience. It has been a watershed moment as I now want to explore all of the other subtle aspects of being a woman. So I am probably now more of a transvestite than a crossdresser. The more I explore my desire the more I want to be en femme all the time. So I may decide, if it is possible, to fully transition. That is the direction both my head and my heart are taking me. As I said it is still very early days. 15 March 2019 My partner has dropped a bombshell today. He does not want to see me dressed and wants me to move all of my femme items out of the house. He says that he has tried to accept my need to explore my transgender identity but just can't accept it. So it is a setback but if I have my own space then I can (hopefully) dress more often. Steph

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