I love pink and this pink lipstick is perfect for a lighter look. Love the top too. My favorite wig.

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Sara Marie Franklin

I'm 55 year old cd/tg still not sure where i fall and only fully dressed for the first time in 2006. Married and love to be a feminine as much as possible. Enjoy my femininity every time I get to be Sara. I dress and go out about 1 a month to my group meeting and dinner afterwards. I so enjoy my time as Sara.
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  1. Shonda 5 days ago

    Very pretty

  2. Profile photo of Patti Parker
    Patti Parker 1 month ago

    Very pretty

  3. Profile photo of Katie Daily
    Katie Daily 1 month ago

    Very hot

  4. Profile photo of Kara Kelly
    Kara Kelly 1 month ago

    You look very pretty. Cute sweater and nice cleavage too!

  5. Profile photo of Pam
    Pam 3 months ago

    Best your wife thinks your a 10
    as SARA !

  6. Profile photo of Rafaella Bruna
    Rafaella Bruna 4 months ago

    Looking great Sara.
    I am at a crossroad in my life.
    Would love to chat w ith you.

  7. jengayleathome@outlook.com 4 months ago


    You’re such an inspiration and role model! Cheers.


  8. Profile photo of Rose
    Rose 5 months ago

    really lovely and very very feminine

  9. Profile photo of Charlene
    Charlene 5 months ago

    You are very pretty.

  10. Profile photo of
    Margie 5 months ago

    So very attractive Ara !!

    • Profile photo of
      Margie 5 months ago

      One BIG oops! Ara should be Sara … sorry hon!

  11. Profile photo of Jaimelynn
    Jaimelynn 5 months ago

    Awesome picture and so photogenic Sara…love it!

  12. Profile photo of Rochelle
    Rochelle 6 months ago

    Beautiful. Love the outfit and the lipstick.

  13. Profile photo of Ketaki
    Ketaki 6 months ago

    you are so nice and sexy dear.

  14. Profile photo of Lorrie Kaye
    Lorrie Kaye 8 months ago

    OMG! You are stunning!

  15. Profile photo of lina
    lina 8 months ago

    your photos are amazino. You can feel femininity in them.

  16. Profile photo of Laura
    Laura 8 months ago

    Beautiful. Hair is fabulous. Pink lipstick is right on. The scoop in your sweater is perfect. Definitely draws my eye

  17. Profile photo of JaniceAnn
    JaniceAnn 10 months ago

    You so look like a confident, warm, and beautiful woman, who loves who she is today.

  18. Profile photo of Bethany Doney
    Bethany Doney 10 months ago

    you are beautiful love the colour

  19. Profile photo of Patty Phose
    Patty Phose 10 months ago

    You look beautiful.

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