Pink in top and lipstick.

I love pink and this pink lipstick is perfect for a lighter look. Love the top too. My favorite wig.

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Sara Marie Franklin

I'm 55 year old cd/tg still not sure where i fall and only fully dressed for the first time in 2006. Married and love to be a feminine as possible. Enjoy my femininity every time I get to be Sara.
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  1. Profile photo of Rochelle
    Rochelle 1 month ago

    Beautiful. Love the outfit and the lipstick.

  2. Profile photo of Ketaki
    Ketaki 1 month ago

    you are so nice and sexy dear.

  3. Profile photo of Lorrie
    Lorrie 3 months ago

    OMG! You are stunning!

  4. Profile photo of lina
    lina 3 months ago

    your photos are amazino. You can feel femininity in them.

  5. Profile photo of Laura
    Laura 3 months ago

    Beautiful. Hair is fabulous. Pink lipstick is right on. The scoop in your sweater is perfect. Definitely draws my eye

  6. Profile photo of JaniceAnn
    JaniceAnn 4 months ago

    You so look like a confident, warm, and beautiful woman, who loves who she is today.

  7. Profile photo of Bethany Doney
    Bethany Doney 5 months ago

    you are beautiful love the colour

  8. Profile photo of Patty Phose
    Patty Phose 5 months ago

    You look beautiful.

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