Pinkfest 2018

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by julie-slowinski

Preparing at home vs. in the wild.


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    Julie Slowinski

    Been dressing at home for many years, but recently went out for the first time (see evolution question below for details). Went solo that time, but would like to make new friends to meetup with for the next outing. Hoping to meet like-minded CD's in my area and elsewhere - we never know where our travels will take us and what opportunities will arise.

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    1. Marta VanHolt 6 days ago

      Love your look, Julie. You should be very comfortable going out. You are more beautiful and feminine than most genetic girls. Embrace your femininity!

    2. Tricia Lynn 2 weeks ago

      Absolutely lovely, Julie! Confident, stylish, feminine and oh so pretty.

    3. Jennifer Patrick 2 weeks ago

      Hi Julie. You are so beautiful!! I love your style. You capture that femininity that we all strive to achieve. Love it!!!

    4. Kathy 2 weeks ago

      Hi Julie

      You look beautiful in your pics. You have a real style and what an extensive wardrobe. Real sweet girl.


    5. Joanna Graham 2 weeks ago

      Looks like a great success to me girl! You’re gorgeous!

    6. Marianne 2 weeks ago

      Hi Julie!

      Haven’t seen you for a long time. You look gorgeous girlfriend.

      • Author
        Julie Slowinski 2 weeks ago

        Yeah, it’s been a while. As you can see, Julie has been keeping herself busy. Hope all is well with you.

    7. Gabriela Romani 2 weeks ago


      What a great group of pics! You look great and yout outfits and accessories are spot-on. Great job!


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