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by aphrodite63

just an average me today


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    Im Renea and am 55. I thought I would like to share some of my thoughts and feelings as I identify with the journey we have all experienced to this point in our lives. I first started dressing (secretly) at age 8. I didnt know why I liked it for years and thought I was the only boy in the world who did it. In my teen years I stopped as I thought I should be the man I was supposed to be. I married in my late 20’s and then I started to explore my partners wardrobe (when alone). Dressing en-femme to me was never a sexual thing but more a sense of feeling happy and peaceful. Fast forward some years to a fully internet savvy world, is when I discovered I was not alone in dealing with this desire to be who I really am. On-line shopping allowed me to access the things that helped me elevate/accelerate my passion for my femininity, Im sure you know what accessories Im refering to. Over the years I have read many experiences of others, some, like me remained closeted for many years and of others who have understanding partners/family/friends that allowed for a more freedom of expression. My life has evolved very quickly in the last few years, separating from my partner, moving interstate and finally retiring from work. I now live alone and dress every day as a matter of daily routine. I live in a very small town but am a very private person so when I go out dressed when shopping or dining or just an outing nobody ever associates Renea with me (and nor do I care) Since January 2017 I began to grow my own hair (it was originally a crew cut), because I found my head got quite warm from wearing a wig. Also it was difficult to maintain a wigs neatness. Its a work in progress and would eventually like around shoulder length. (Update - 23 March 18: I've had my hair cut,styled and colored. update - 12 June 18: Hair is getting longer and harder to manage..grr keeps curling around my neck, overdue for salon visit !)) The most satisfying thing I have ever experienced in my journey is the knowledge that there are many like me that share a common desire. We are all different in our approach to enjoying our feminine selfs, so I believe its not the actual exterior we see (no matter how good or bad) its the doing that brings the joy. Also I believe that those of us who have turned that corner, truly understand and feel comfortable about who we are !!! Its taken some time but I am now really happy xxx. ( My recent pics can be found in the groups: Over 50's, Share Your Outfit and Australia ) My stats (not that anyone really cares): 5'6" (167cm) - 112lb (51kg) - Bra, 34C - Dress, AUS Sz 10/(US Sz 6) - Shoe, Sz 6 1/2

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    1. Faye 6 months ago

      There is nothing plain or average about your sense of style.

    2. Patty Phose 6 months ago

      Way above average.

    3. Alicia C 6 months ago

      really great look !

    4. Barbara Jane Weston 6 months ago

      I agree with Karen. “Way better than average”. Nice classy style. Well done and attractive.

    5. Hi, Renea. Please allow me to compliment you … for your “plain today” is elegantly beautiful!

      Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your day … your way.


    6. Cute outfit you look very feminine and very lovely. I love the outfit.

    7. Fluffy Cat 6 months ago

      Average doesn’t even come close to describing you, your more like great, fabulous, terrific or wonderful. Love the dress & heals and not to forget the cutesy nick-less.

    8. Sally Kensington 6 months ago

      Hon, you’re dazzling! if that’s your average I can’t wait to see your fabulous

      • Author
        Renea 6 months ago

        Thnx Sally. What did you think about my red dress from a few days ago ? its prob on page 4 or 5 at the moment ?

    9. Karen Miller 6 months ago

      Way better than average!

    10. Erica Cartman 6 months ago

      Renea, after reading your story you are doing something right for sure, you are a stunning beauty and 100 % “passable” woman . I am sooooo jealous of your “stats” Your are portioned so well…Being a larger stature person myself, we of my “stats” are forced to have “limited” off the rack choices and it’s hard to look so totally “femme” as you do. Kudos and you are looking good!

    11. Samantha Bradley 6 months ago

      Lovely pic,so feminine,a lady .

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