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by dianacd22

With new skills, knowledge and confidence in my makeup skills and a bit of advice from my girlfriend Chrissie, I got myself ready for another day of being ME!! Makeup and hair done, another outfit on, we were once again



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I have a feminine side that I enjoy embracing. The girl expressed herself in my adolescence for a brief period. This culminated in an episode in which I fully dressed in my mother’s clothing with makeup and a wig. After this event, she disappeared for years. The woman came back much stronger after my fiancé broke off our engagement. I was deployed with the Army in Bosnia and never saw Amy again. I went back to my home base in Germany just long enough to change my duty assignment to Washington DC. Now the woman was back. But she only dabbled in a little makeup here and there. However, once in DC, she started to gather clothing and other items. She also found Mistress Brianna and made plans to meet with her. The pivotal night arrived and I drove to Mistress Brianna’s house. We sat down and Diana introduced herself and told Mistress that she wanted to be completely made up as a woman and taken as one. She has never left me since. Even though I went through several purges (damn, I lost some awesome items and pictures) Diana has been a part of me since that first time with Mistress Brianna. Diana was suppressed for a bit of time when I got married. She came out to my ex before the wedding. Karin went through with the ceremony anyways. Diana spent an evening with her shortly after. The next day Karin demanded that Diana would never come out again. And naively Diana was told that she would have to leave. That did not happen. In a few years I was in the same situation many of my sisters are in. That is hiding my feminine side from the one I love and Diana came out a few times. It wasn’t until after the divorce that I fully accepted Diana as me. I made plans for Diana to spend a week in Las Vegas. However, I was frightened that I would not have the courage to go out on my own. That is where Chrissie comes into the picture. I met here a few months before the fateful quest. I got to know her and found out that she had some TG friends. I took the leap and revealed Diana to her. Chrissie accepted Diana who eventually asked her to join her on the Vegas trip. Chrissie went and I, Diana, spent the entire week as me!! Diana had her true “coming out.” Since then I have been out several times with my girlfriend and our friends.

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    Patty Phose
    Famed Member
    2 years ago

    WOW! What a beauty.

    Noble Member
    2 years ago

    Great legs! love the dress.

    9 months ago

    Oooooh i just love the heck outta this picture!! Great Legs!!

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