Really loved this top that’s why I borrowed it from my wife’s closet!

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by scarlett398

The leopard top fit like a glove and was very sexy to me that's why I just had to borrow it last fall out of my wife's closet. I wore it with a black mini skirt, black opaque tights, and black suede booties! Very comfortable outfit too!


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    1. Leslie 3 months ago

      What a great looking outfit and you always have such a great smile. You obviously enjoy the experiences

      • Author
        Scarlett398 3 months ago

        Leslie. I absolutely love getting my girl on as Scarlett! It is a blast. I also love raiding my wife’s closet on a regular basis because she has so many cute, sexy, and classy items on those hanger in there! I purchased a lot of them for her. This is one of my favorite tops I just love to see on that sexy redhead on date night! YUM YUM! XOXO Scarlett

    2. Michelle Lenz 3 months ago

      You look amazing. That blouse looks great on you; You Sexy Thang!

      • Author
        Scarlett398 3 months ago

        Hi Michelle..I do think this top is one of the sexiest tops I love seeing my wife in on date night!
        Thanks for sending me a sweet note! XOXO Scarlett

    3. Rozalyne Richards 3 months ago

      You look fabulous Scarlett, it’s great when you can borrow your wife’s clothes i am the same size as my wife so can wear her clothes too, apart from her bra’s she has a bigger bust than me so i have my own xxxxx

      • Author
        Scarlett398 3 months ago

        Thank you Rozalyne for the compliment.. Yes, it’s nice to be able to dip off into my wife’s closet and borrow some of her sexy stuff which I do at least twice during every photo shoot of mine.
        Air conditioner went out on new home yesterday so hoping tomorrow I can get the AC guy out here and get some cool air running through this place.
        I have plans for a huge photo shoot this week but can’t pull it off with temps in the 90s without AC.

        Have a wonderful week ahead and thanks for writing me! XOXO Scarlett

    4. Author
      Scarlett398 3 months ago

      Surprised this picture only got one comment from my sweet buddy Lyla…It’s one of my all time favorite photos and that top is as sexy as they get!

    5. lyla james 3 months ago

      Scarlett, you are so gorgeous, wow!

      • Author
        Scarlett398 3 months ago

        Why thank you girl friend! Love this top! One of my favorite date night tops my wife will wear on an ocassional date night with a pair of sexy black jeans and a pair of wedge heels!

        XOXO Scarlett

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