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by lovelylola

Relaxing during some much needed girl time.



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Lola Caprice

I've been interested in crossdressing since my early teens. I would occasionally put on my mom's clothes, I would even fake sick to stay home from school so I could dress up. As an adult I would occasionally try on my wifes clothes on rare occasions. A few things came together in 2020 when our youngest child moved out AND I started working from home a lot due to COVID. My wife works in a hospital so no telework for her. The time home alone allowed me to explore. I bought my first outfit in my size and it felt so good. I spent the first couple hours each day (after my wife left for work) learning about makeup, learning how the walk in heels, and finding my "style". I haven't had any desire to go out in public as a woman but I did not want to hide it from my wife. SO...I planned a weekend away for us at a lovely little boutique hotel. That was the weekend I revealed Lola to my wife of 32 years. I was scared to death. I had no idea how she would react; would she accept me, or divorce me because she just couldn't handle it. The look I revealed to her was more Rocky Horror than everyday girl. My sweet wife was shocked...speechless...but smiling. After doing a little floor show for her, I sat down next to her and said "If this bothers you, I understand and you will never see me like this again but I have to tell you I am totally comfortable right now and I feel so good". That was August 2020. My wife has been so supportive and enjoys our "dress up" weekends together. She has even adopted a few makeup techniques I taught her. LOL. Since my first reveal, I have amassed a fairly significant wardrobe, especially considering that I'm only Lola a few nights a month. I have no idea where this journey will take me. Right now I'm just enjoying refining my look and getting to know myself as Lola. By the way, my femme name was not chosen my me. On that first night that I revealed this side of me to my wife, not only did she support me...she named me. I love the fact that she chose my name for me.

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    Valerie Brooks
    Active Member
    1 year ago

    Gorgeous legs !!

    Polly Jocelyn
    1 year ago

    Nice article and photo.

    Pauline Jones
    11 months ago

    Love to relax in garters and nylons too!

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