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by jayneelaparte

Got a chance to wear my new purple velour sweatshirt yesterday. I did a two hour round trip road trip to chat and have coffee with a CD friend who wants to start going out in public more. She has been out to pump gas or other tasks where she didn’t have to get close to or interact with people, but never to have coffee, lunch, or go shopping. I offered to meet her for coffee or lunch to provide moral support and someone to talk with. We spent an hour and a half at a Starbucks in a town far enough from her home that she wouldn’t likely run into anyone that knew her. We had a great time chatting, and she was so excited to get out and about en femme. She’s emailed me a couple of times today to say what a good time she had. We’re planning to do a girl’s night out in the near future. It’s so rewarding to help a sister spread her wings! Note to self. Call the optical shop about those glasses. They’re supposed to have an anti-reflective coating, and I paid extra for it.



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Jaynee Laparte

Cross dresser since age 4 or 5. I love going out to nightclubs, stores and restaurants en femme. Now I am retired and getting more Jaynee time. My wife has known for years and used to go out with me shopping and to TriEss meetings. Over the past ten years or so, she has declined to participate, but recently has started going out with me again. This started after a trip to the beach where I was dressed full time. After seeing the reactions (or non-reactions) of people we encountered while shopping and dining out, she realized that I could be out in public without endangering myself. I underdress daily, and am usually wearing lady’s leggings or shorts, cute t-shirts, and sandals. I keep my toenails polished all of the time, and wear clear polish on my fingernails. For special occasions or when I’ll be dressed for several days in a row, I also have color on my fingernails. My go-to nail polish is by ILNP ( I Love Nail Polish), a small boutique company in Las Vegas. My favorite colors are “Dear Santa” (dark red duo-chrome) for toes and “Eclipse Holographic” (black with multicolor sparkles that changes color depending on the lighting) for fingers. I have perfected my “natural makeup“ look so I can wear it every day without being too obvious. It makes me happy, and at my age, I really don’t give a FFF about what other people think. I’d love to meet other Carolina girls to hang out, go out for coffee or lunch, or go shopping. I also like to get dressed in casual clothes and go for long drives on or off-road in my Jeep. I’m into guitars, cats, Jeeps, and Science Fiction.

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    Angela Wagner
    Managing Ambassador
    Famed Member
    3 months ago

    What a wonderful story, Jaynee! CDH is a great place to offer support to crossdressers, but you’ve taken it the extra mile! Kudos to you for providing a safe and friendly experience for your friend.

    Angela Wagner
    Managing Ambassador
    Famed Member
    3 months ago
    Reply to  Angela Wagner

    And I just noticed that this photo has been selected as one of the featured photos for the day. Congratulations, Jaynee!

    Staci Gal
    Active Member
    3 months ago

    Jayne, First of all, cute top. Love the color, you look great. Thank you for taking the time to meet / support another cross dresser. Very kind gesture. Meeting and socializing with other CD is fun and educational. I bet the gal appreciated your kindness. Staci.

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