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by maturegirl

This was one of my more daring rompers. Got a little too much male attention.



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Jennifer Jones

Hi. My name is Jennifer. I guess you could say I was the world's youngest crossdresser since my mother wanted a girl so badly that she refused to look at me the day I was born until a nurse put a ribbon in my hair. I remember tying a towel around my waist like a skirt when I was as young as 5. From 3rd thru sixth grade she did house parties selling lingerie, bras and girdles. I would try the stuff on when I was alone. All through grade junior and high school I would dress off and on. In my twenties, my girlfriend (who would later be my wife), started dressing me in her clothes. At this time just clothes and make up. No wigs and I didn't venture out. That all changed after we got divorced. I purchased a wig, jewelry, clothes, make up and shoes. Over the next 6 years I went en femme as often as possible. I frequented the Queen Mary in Studio City, CA as well as other clubs and numerous clothing stores and malls. Then, I put it all behind me for almost 20 years. What was I thinking?!? In 2015 I shed over 40 pounds and when looking in the mirror all I could think was there needs to be a pair of panties on that body. I dove back in big time. Then in 2016 my fiancé found my clothes and confronted me. She wasn't too happy and moved out a few months later. I have had a great 8 years dressing and living out many of my goals and fantasies. I love going to straight restaurants and bars. I have met so many understanding women and men. I know this has been a little long winded, but that's what I wanted to share. Hope to hear from many of you.

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    Jenna Garrett
    Trusted Member
    3 months ago

    You look fantastic in that I’m not surprised you got male attention very feminine

    Famed Member
    3 months ago

    Wow, most likely.

    Angela Wagner
    Managing Ambassador
    Famed Member
    3 months ago

    I am absolutely not surprised that you turned some heads with that cute and sexy romper. You look fantastic wearing it!

    Josie Jones
    Active Member
    3 months ago

    No surprise there! You look great.

    Julie Day
    Julie Day
    3 months ago

    Looks lovely, I can see why it turned a mans head. You look gorgeous.

    Patty Phose
    Famed Member
    3 months ago

    You can’t look that great and not get attention.

    Ariel Flyer
    Active Member
    3 months ago

    I see why you got male attention, you look amazing, very pretty

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