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by sweetsarah
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Evening at a luxury hotel.


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    Sarah S

    Middle aged (yuck) manly man by day, super hero Sarah by night. Love to dress for stress relief and the challenge of improving my passing each time. Wish I'd started a lot sooner, when I was young, smooth and skinny! LOL. Really enjoy sharing my hobby anonymously to like minded ladies.

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    1. Jessica 7 months ago

      Look at your outfit it’s beautiful, but that smile you have tells it all.

    2. Kelli Lynn Everet 9 months ago

      Very nice picture, you look lovely. I love the way you accessorized. I also wish for days gone by now it is dreams. I look at this picture and find myself filled jealousy. I see, you said you wish it was cut lower to show cleavage but honestly I think this is better.

    3. Emily Townsend 11 months ago

      Sarah that is so incredibly classy! Fits you very well and you present beautifully!

    4. Sarah I love your style and you are a beautiful woman! Love love love that dress.

    5. Author
      Sarah S 11 months ago

      This is one of my favorite outfits. I only wish it showed more cleavage. But it does have a waist slimming effect and that I like a lot.

    6. Josselyn 11 months ago

      You are gorgeous love that dress and very sexy.

    7. Paula High heels 11 months ago

      My god u r sexy as hell baby

    8. Author
      Sarah S 11 months ago

      Y’all are so sweet! Thank you.

    9. Sally Kensington 11 months ago

      Simply beautiful Sarah! Your demeanor commands! Thank you

    10. Stephanie Cross 11 months ago

      Sarah, you look absolutely stunning.
      Looks like you’re doing a great job. Thank you for sharing.

    11. Stephanie Stanek 11 months ago

      Looking good and like the outfit.

    12. Carla Jones 11 months ago

      Wow beautiful!

    13. Chrissie Cross 11 months ago

      Love the dress honey! And you look soooo happy! And why wouldnt you?! You look sooooo feminine!

    14. Chrissie Cross 11 months ago

      Love the dress honey!

    15. lacietv 11 months ago

      You look really gorgeous Sarah.Lots of Love from London xxx

    16. Rhonda Roe... 11 months ago

      Very Cute Sarah.

    17. Rebecca Mooney 11 months ago

      Looking very femme girl

    18. Patty Phose 11 months ago

      You’re an amazing beauty.

    19. Sarah you look fabulous! Passing is not a problem for you and having fun in a luxury hotel is a great way to celebrate that!

    20. Kayla Jameson 11 months ago

      You look marvelous, girl. If I saw you on the street, I would be certain you are a genetic girl. Wow.

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