Scarlet coming out to Play

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by scarletak

This is the first time I transformed into my female self. I went shopping and tried on clothes with a girlfriend and it felt wonderfully exhilarating. I then did my make up to complete me. I am finally happy in life! 😊


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Scarlet LaFemme

I am married man who recently discovered how amazing cross dressing feels and have come open to everyone about it. I am starting to venture out to see what Scarlet likes and doesn’t. So far she likes everything she has tried. Would love to share my story and hear others stories as well.

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    1. lynn pond 7 months ago

      I like your picture very nice

    2. Celeste Able 7 months ago

      You look amazing. Can I come play with you. I would like to go shopping and out to dinner with you

    3. Persephone Androgynous 7 months ago

      Love this picture I want to be there with you. Haha very cute! Rock on

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