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Becki Brooks

I am probably in the wrong place for my ideal wants, yet this is me... I am a masculine good looking man with gorgeous blue/gray/aqua eyes, yet with strong feminine desires. That does not mean I want to be humiliated, nor talked to derogatory like, or ordered around. I can let you know you are the boss/coach and never say a word about it. I love older mature men that like a masculine good looking guy that loves to be feminine, yet I am not nellie, nor flaming. Can be sweet and accommodating -but not a sub. I do not have a catwalk runway attitude and don't like Joan Collins either. I get a thrill and gratification both sexually and emotionally with my big obsession/fetish, yet is not always a prerequisite to sex. Great legs and cute feet. At one time I think I could have been passable, yet still have a man's voice and sorta wide shoulders. The pix are femme mode. yet, there is a man, more than just a male, in the fetish. I want friendship and LTR. I am straight outside, yet behind closed doors I am different. Not always 24/7 dressed (and limited to behind closed doors), yet it should be known that I am a transvestite. I am kissable, welcoming holds and touches in jeans and/or nylons. Planned sleepovers are mandatory and is almost deal breaker. Grooming is a thrill also. I love my hand held while riding in the car and love secluded country roads. Bareback is important after an affair has been established, and I groom and prep well for sex. and when I start swallowing your spunk, will find that I have become fond of you. I would want a healthy conventional confident vs passive lasting affair. I would protect such an affair with no regrets. I can and will compromise. I am shy and somewhat reserved, yet warm up quickly. I am very thoughtful, clean with no big vices and no std nor hepatitis. I am versatile -yet usually passive and welcome men's confident advances. I respond well and show gratitude openly behind closed doors. Straight acting in public and reserved of the topic homosexual in certain company. attentive, thoughtful, safe and sane, intelligent and resourceful. veteran connoisseur 420 user. poppers sometimes. communicative and love stimulating conversations about anything. Love being handled warmly. I also love gurl talk and lounging with sisters; sexual and emotional. Love sisters and the whole sister lesbian affair illicit role-playing. UPDATE: No drive-by shootings UPDATE v2: I am looking for a boyfriend/friends and I can be generous at times, yet I am not a doormat. UPDATE v3: I can get all the anonymous sex I will ever need in a lifetime, does nothing for me. I am not a robot. Meaning I am not promiscuous. Y! username pantyhoseflood. Hurry, I am getting older. No ordinary love. Have a happy and your mileage may vary.

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    Paula Worth
    5 years ago

    Look so cute in this pic.

    Daryl Page
    Active Member
    Daryl Page
    5 years ago

    Very natural looking. Nice!

    Active Member
    5 years ago

    Hi Honey, you look 100% passable to me…very femme and beautiful…Love the hair and look you choose…Have a blast and hugs Erica

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