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by willatrans

I am very proud to have served and to have driven a quarter ton jeep during my service time!


EnFemme Style

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Willa Kissing

I have been a cross dresser on and off my entire life from age 12 to present. From the age of 19 to 42 years of age I yearned and wished to cross dress but did not due to career and marriage. But post-divorce and trying the vanilla dating scene out. I decided it was time to investigate and to develop my Willa side that I grew to fall in love with. Only in my mid-forties post-divorce did I truly take the time, effort, and energy to develop my cross dressing into a lifestyle preference and choice. I have made; remade and refined my looks and taste. I even consulted tutorially with a retired Ex-Dominatrix on boy hair removal, makeup use and application, accessorizing my outfits with jewelry purses and all needed accessories, how to choose use wear and care for wigs, and proper feminine stance and presentation. I remain attracted to Cis woman, and I would love to meet a woman that would like to date this cross-dressing life styled person. I am here to make friends and to enjoy times and events together. I do not want to talk about what I am wearing under my clothing or about your sexual fantasies. Sincerely Willa

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