She’s got legs!

Love the open toe shoes and the short skirt is fantastic for clubbing.

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Sara Marie Franklin

I'm 55 year old cd/tg still not sure where i fall and only fully dressed for the first time in 2006. Married and love to be a feminine as possible. Enjoy my femininity every time I get to be Sara.
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  1. Profile photo of Maria (Cleo) Darlov
    Maria (Cleo) Darlov 1 month ago

    Great legs, and beautiful to boot!

  2. Profile photo of Helen Crawford
    Helen Crawford 1 month ago

    Very shapely legs, displayed to their best. Wonderful seeing you looking so happy.

  3. Profile photo of Valentina Lolli
    Valentina Lolli 1 month ago

    Sexy and Smiling Face. Kisses

  4. Profile photo of Pamela Johnsson
    Pamela Johnsson 2 months ago

    Great picture.
    So hott. . . .

  5. Profile photo of Samantha Louise Scott
    Samantha Louise Scott 4 months ago

    Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous legs/tights/shoes.

    Did I mention your legs are fab ? 🙂

  6. Profile photo of VickieJ
    VickieJ 5 months ago

    Beautiful Sara…….100% passable

  7. Profile photo of tonilikes Cancino
    tonilikes Cancino 5 months ago

    your gorgeous and would love to share a bed with you all dressed from head to stilettos!

  8. Michelle 5 months ago

    Love your legs and everything else. How I truly wish my wife would want me to dress so sexy at home. Again; you look GREAT!

  9. Profile photo of Michelle
    Michelle 5 months ago

    Gorgeous !!!

  10. Profile photo of Vera Jane Gonsalves
    Vera Jane Gonsalves 5 months ago

    That’s a classy woman…. with a great pair of legs…..

  11. Profile photo of Jesse Nicole(Smokey)
    Jesse Nicole(Smokey) 5 months ago

    Very nice girl! So pretty!

  12. Profile photo of Savannah S
    Savannah S 5 months ago

    Omg you do have great legs girl… and beautiful too.. muah…

  13. Profile photo of Saracdthomas
    Saracdthomas 5 months ago

    I love the legs and love your outfits very classy

  14. Profile photo of Bobbi Anne
    Bobbi Anne 5 months ago

    Great legs, love the skirt and heels. Very pretty.

  15. Profile photo of jamie
    jamie 5 months ago

    I think all your pictures are great and very nice legs to. Beautiful!!!

  16. Profile photo of Patty Phose
    Patty Phose 5 months ago

    Yes you do and great legs they are.

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