1. petralacy Simon 13 hours ago

    ohhh so lovely

  2. Veronica Raines 1 month ago

    If I was a man, and saw you walking down the street, I’d sure in heck hit on you. So Beautiful!!!

  3. Deedee Delano 2 months ago

    Very passable!!

  4. Julie Slowinski 4 months ago

    I have to agree with you Mason. Looking at all three pictures, you’re right, you do know how to slay the makeup. Who knew you could learn so much from the internet.

  5. Prissy Peeny 5 months ago

    You are sooo hot

  6. StephanieW 5 months ago

    Stunning pic, wonderful dress. Really an inspiration to all us women!

    • Author
      Mason Wags 5 months ago

      Thank you Stephanie, that’s so sweet.

  7. Kandy Barr 5 months ago

    You did great. I’m still working on the makeup myself.My girlfriend has been a great help. Keep up the good work!

    • Author
      Mason Wags 5 months ago

      Thanks hon, sounds like you have a wonderful girlfriend.

  8. Brin Cherchez la Femme 6 months ago

    Thanks for sharing, I understand being nervous, but this is a great place with some great people. It’s a great picture, you’re beautiful.

    • Author
      Mason Wags 6 months ago

      Thank you and yes this is a great place with some great people.

  9. Valerie 6 months ago

    Very pretty.

  10. Keith Burke 6 months ago

    Really like that look hun. So hot…

  11. Marianne Tornander 6 months ago

    Looking good girl!

  12. Berrine Howell 6 months ago

    U look great!!!!, should of done it sooner ,love the look , enjoy it , life is too short

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