Slaying my makeup

Joined the site a couple days ago and I have been super nervous about showing my picture but if I’m here then why hide who I am.

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An artist that loves to dabble.
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  1. Profile photo of Samantha  G.....
    Samantha G..... 5 days ago

    Nice job on the makeup, love the hair too


    • Profile photo of Mason Wags Author
      Mason Wags 4 days ago

      I love your hair too! who’s your stylist, hehe. Hugs…

  2. Profile photo of Frances walker
    Frances walker 5 days ago

    Alot of nice and friendly looks Iam Frances

  3. Profile photo of Amber Lynn
    Amber Lynn 1 week ago

    You look Stunning!

  4. Profile photo of Laura Miller
    Laura Miller 2 weeks ago

    You look great.

  5. Profile photo of Lyn Abott
    Lyn Abott 2 weeks ago

    very nice Mason well done girl

  6. Profile photo of Jo O'Leary
    Jo O'Leary 2 weeks ago

    You look great so no need to be nervous. Jo

  7. Profile photo of Stephanie Cross
    Stephanie Cross 3 weeks ago

    You’re looking very femm and pretty Mason. You’ve done a great job with everything. And yes it’s great having the support of the wife and going out together. Thanks for sharing.

    • Profile photo of Mason Wags Author
      Mason Wags 5 days ago

      Thank you! I also owe Sephora a huge thank you, I love shopping there.

  8. Profile photo of cdmelissalaquinta Laquinta

    Hi Mason: You look so lovely, especially those gorgeous eyes. Great job on hair and makeup. You should be so pleased with your beautiful self. Hugs, Melissa

    • Profile photo of Mason Wags Author
      Mason Wags 1 week ago

      Thank you so much, my eyes really seem to shine when I get all dressed up. Hugs ~Mason

  9. Profile photo of Dawn Dolittle
    Dawn Dolittle 3 weeks ago

    Lovely pic, Mason – great make up, and that looks like a fabulous dress. Congratulations!

  10. Profile photo of Jaime
    Jaime 3 weeks ago

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  11. Profile photo of Lea
    Lea 3 weeks ago

    Very feminine! Would be nice to see the full-length phto too, I’m always curious about what shoes go with such a wonderful dress.

    I’ve got a formal dress that makes me feel like a princess when I put it on, though I don’t have any kind of feminine face.

    • Profile photo of Mason Wags Author
      Mason Wags 3 weeks ago

      Sorry I didn’t get a shot of the heels but I promise they were just as stunning as the dress. 5″ black heels hard to explain though, not basic at all.

      Thank you so much for the compliment.

  12. Profile photo of Charlotte Deneice Windham

    You look so beautiful Mason. Hug,and Kisses to you dear. You make me horny for you. Kisses

  13. Profile photo of StephanieW
    StephanieW 4 weeks ago

    You look very beautiful! I love that dress.

    • Profile photo of Mason Wags Author
      Mason Wags 3 weeks ago

      Thanks, I do too! My wife has the exact same dress so we can be twinsies, hehe. She looks way better in it then I do. This is my go to when I want to feel super feminine.

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