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by joannemichaels

This photo was taken at a local starbucks kiosk inside the Target store



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Joanne Michaels

My first inkling of being "different" was at age 5. Suggesting to a group of kids that we play Snow White, and that I'd happily play the title character was not something well received by other kids (or nearby listening parents) in the 1950s. Snippets of my difference occurred at various points throughout my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. There was a short period when I (Joanne) was able to take that big leap. Out in public was an experience I'll never forget and reflects a time I'll truly regret for its short duration. The highlight was having a construction worker call down "Hi" to me, as I was walking by. He'll never know what a huge compliment he paid me. I rode that "high" for weeks! By joining this community, I hope to gain companionship. Meeting over coffee, going to a movie, and/or walking in a park all appeal to me. I find that I crave the company of those who share this hunger, this ache, and (like me) desperately want the opportunity to let our femininity be seen and (hopefully) appreciated. So...Hi, I'm Joanne

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    Gianna Bonita
    Gianna Bonita
    4 years ago

    Joanne, you look wonderful, a perfect presentation. And I love your butterfly pendant.
    Hugs Gianna.
    PS the only thing missing is your coffee!

    Trusted Member
    4 years ago

    Hi Joanne!
    Keep smiling lady… it looks good on you!

    Char Roberts
    Active Member
    3 years ago

    hi there

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