1. Stephanie 2 years ago


    Hi Stephanie! WOW! YOU ARE STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS! Sweetie thank you very, very, very much for sharing this truly beautiful picture and the two truly beautiful pictures on your home page! You are shining very brightly! You are very sweet to become my friend! I really hope that you love having Stephanie time today and that you enjoy the attached roses! Best wishes from one Stephanie to another Stephanie!

  2. Crystal Lee 2 years ago

    Absolutely stunning, Stephanie. My friend Michelle (The Tall) told me about how gorgeous you are. Let me know next time you are in Vegas, maybe we can all hit the town together.

  3. jamie 2 years ago


  4. Lea 1 year ago

    You look great in red!

  5. Patty Phose 1 year ago

    Stephanie you are perfect. Amazing.

  6. Stephanie Cross 1 year ago

    Hello Stephanie. What a knock out look you have. Great choices all around. You’ve really got what it takes. Thanks for being such a good example. Wow, think of all the work I have to do now. lol. I’m glad I can be part of this community. Keep up the good work girl. Sorry I don’t get on here very often.

  7. Joanne 1 year ago

    How wonderful you look. You can be like that all the time? Why would you ever want to be a male in any way. I am in New Zealand so can’t meet you and I am so mujch in awae of you

    Love Joanne

  8. Charlene Victoria 1 year ago

    Hey Stephanie. Very pretty. A standard for us all.
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Jayne Morpheus 1 year ago

    Very Demure photos, tastefully classic style.

  10. lina 1 year ago


  11. Monika Sweet 12 months ago

    wow… lady.. you look like a model..!! More beautiful than most women out there… lovely makeup, beautiful skin and love those nails… nice outfit too. Beautiful.

  12. Rich 11 months ago

    You are truly lovely Am I lucky enough for you to be in Las Vegas

  13. Louise Willis 10 months ago

    You look fab girl.x

  14. Jamies time 10 months ago

    Nice outfit and sexy curves

  15. Patti Parker 9 months ago

    Pretty perfect

  16. Patti Parker 9 months ago

    So classy

  17. Roma 8 months ago

    Love the look, very attractive.

  18. Genivieve Bujold 8 months ago

    Stephanie you are a picture of pure femininity! Stunningly beautiful hun.

  19. Diane Pantyhose 8 months ago

    Wow….totally stunning !

  20. Leslie Johnson 7 months ago

    Lovely outfit, great makeup and hair too.

  21. Stephie 6 months ago

    Such a pretty photo!

  22. Tina Brinner 6 months ago

    So natural and feminine, well done !!!

  23. Brynlee Valore 6 months ago

    Everyday hot!

  24. Leslie Johnson 5 months ago

    What a dynamite photo If only I could look like you. Great hair, makeup and clothes.

  25. Abby Lauren 5 months ago

    Please post more of your incredible pics, Steph.

  26. Sarajane Potter 4 months ago

    Steph – I love the way you look! So natural and completely feminine! Please let us have some more pics.

  27. Sofia Esmeralda 3 months ago


  28. Clair 2 months ago

    Beautiful x

  29. Kirsty Smyth 1 month ago

    Stephanie you look simply beautiful – such sexy curves and a lovely skirt! X

  30. Monika Sweet 3 weeks ago

    Wow.. you look stunning… better than most women out there. Stay beautiful n blessed.

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