1. Simone 1 week ago

    Everything about you is lovely. Your curves, smile, the lovely dress how it flows and great shoes. You are a beautiful lovely woman.

  2. Janine O. 2 weeks ago

    Fantastic, Stephanie!

  3. Jamie Vegas 2 weeks ago

    You look amazing.

  4. Chrissie Cross 3 weeks ago

    And how lovely you look! πŸ™‚

  5. Alexis Frazier 3 weeks ago

    A very courageous step but look at the results of all your work!! I agree with all who commented. No adjectives left!!

  6. Terri Anne 3 weeks ago

    Very beautiful Stephanie.

  7. Rozalyne Richards 3 weeks ago

    Absolutely fabulous Stephanie x

  8. Geena Stevens 3 weeks ago

    You look really gorgeous Stephanie.

  9. Stephanie 3 weeks ago

    Stephanie I am giving my highest praises to you for taking your first big step! I feel that you are stunningly gorgeous! Thank you very much for sharing your amazingly beautiful photo with us and for becoming my friend! I am supporting about taking your next big step! I like your name! lol =^.^= πŸ™‚

  10. Julie Glassworks 3 weeks ago

    oh Stephanie, you look wonderful – and so happy being the gorgeous woman you are.

  11. Abby Danials 3 weeks ago

    Hi Stephanie. You look absolutely fantastic. So gorgeous and soooo feminine. Your look is incredible from the outfit to the pose Abby

    • Author
      Stephanie Aston 2 weeks ago

      Hi Abby
      Thank you for your kind words, I’m still a little in shock, last week I was deep in the closet then I joined CDH made many friends and posted my first photo.
      Talk about turning the world on it’s head!

      Kindest. Stephanie x

  12. Dianne 3 weeks ago

    Ultra femme beauty and style

  13. You look Beautiful Stephanie. Love the whole look, pose, outfit, hair. All of it sweetie you are a woman to aspire too.

  14. Alexandria Divine 3 weeks ago

    Well, you look fabulous, darling. Lovely dress – I love the silhouette. And the shoes are adorable!

  15. Smartina Fonteyn 3 weeks ago

    Love your style! Welcome to CDH!

  16. Jen 3 weeks ago

    If thats your first time im waiting to see whats next.

    • Author
      Stephanie Aston 2 weeks ago

      Thank you Jen.
      Sorry it took a while I’m in catchup.

  17. Evelyn 3 weeks ago

    You look absolutely Fantastic! , and very Happy! Congratulations

  18. Sapphire Ribbons 3 weeks ago

    hows it feel Girlie??

  19. Erica Cartman 3 weeks ago


  20. Karen Miller 3 weeks ago

    Congratulations! It’s wonderful!

    • Author
      Stephanie Aston 3 weeks ago

      Thank you Erica. It’s been a long time coming but just posting the photo was so exhilarating.

      Stephanie x

    • Author
      Stephanie Aston 3 weeks ago

      Hi Karen
      Thank you : ) I must admit, my hands were trembling when I submitted this photo.

      Stephanie x

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