Stephanie. One big step

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by steffaston

My first ever public photo


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Stephanie Aston

i had a really rough year in 2018 loosing 3 very close relatives including my younger sister, CDH has been a shining light for me through the bad times espeshialy Andrea who has always been there for me, Thank you Andrea x . This new year I’m promising my self a new start and hope to take Stephanie to a brave new world outside the closet. Love Stephanie x

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    1. Karen Miller 9 months ago

      Congratulations! It’s wonderful!

      • Author
        Stephanie Aston 9 months ago

        Thank you Erica. It’s been a long time coming but just posting the photo was so exhilarating.

        Stephanie x

      • Author
        Stephanie Aston 9 months ago

        Hi Karen
        Thank you : ) I must admit, my hands were trembling when I submitted this photo.

        Stephanie x

    2. Erica Cartman 9 months ago


    3. Sapphire Ribbons 9 months ago

      hows it feel Girlie??

    4. Evelyn 9 months ago

      You look absolutely Fantastic! , and very Happy! Congratulations

    5. Jen 9 months ago

      If thats your first time im waiting to see whats next.

    6. Smartina Fonteyn 9 months ago

      Love your style! Welcome to CDH!

    7. Alexandria Divine 9 months ago

      Well, you look fabulous, darling. Lovely dress – I love the silhouette. And the shoes are adorable!

    8. You look Beautiful Stephanie. Love the whole look, pose, outfit, hair. All of it sweetie you are a woman to aspire too.

    9. Dianne 9 months ago

      Ultra femme beauty and style

    10. Abby Danials 9 months ago

      Hi Stephanie. You look absolutely fantastic. So gorgeous and soooo feminine. Your look is incredible from the outfit to the pose Abby

      • Author
        Stephanie Aston 8 months ago

        Hi Abby
        Thank you for your kind words, I’m still a little in shock, last week I was deep in the closet then I joined CDH made many friends and posted my first photo.
        Talk about turning the world on it’s head!

        Kindest. Stephanie x

    11. Julie Glassworks 9 months ago

      oh Stephanie, you look wonderful – and so happy being the gorgeous woman you are.

      • Author
        Stephanie Aston 8 months ago

        Hi Julie
        Sorry for not replying earlier, Thank you so much for your kind comments, I must admit I am at my happiest when I’m dressed.
        Stephanie x

    12. Stephanie 9 months ago

      Stephanie I am giving my highest praises to you for taking your first big step! I feel that you are stunningly gorgeous! Thank you very much for sharing your amazingly beautiful photo with us and for becoming my friend! I am supporting about taking your next big step! I like your name! lol =^.^= 🙂

      • Author
        Stephanie Aston 8 months ago

        Hi Stephanie
        Firstly so sorry for the late reply, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride since joining CDH, I was not prepared for the many kind words of encouragement from so many girls, Just joining CDH gave me such a feeling of release and a new found freedom.
        And Gosh what lovely comments you wrote
        We must catch up sometime.
        We Stephanie’s must stick together

        Stephanie x

    13. Geena Stevens 9 months ago

      You look really gorgeous Stephanie.

      • Author
        Stephanie Aston 8 months ago

        Hi Geena
        Sorry for the late reply (better late than never)
        Thank you for your post, it’s very strange one minute I’m the only one who has known Stephanie then I post my first public photo ever and I being called Gorgeous! (Thank you) This is so sureal but So fantastic.
        Lv Stephanie x

    14. Rozalyne Richards 9 months ago

      Absolutely fabulous Stephanie x

    15. Terri Anne 9 months ago

      Very beautiful Stephanie.

    16. Alexis Frazier 9 months ago

      A very courageous step but look at the results of all your work!! I agree with all who commented. No adjectives left!!

      • Author
        Stephanie Aston 8 months ago

        Hi Alexis
        Sorry for being so late to reply to your kind comments. I can’t start to describe my feelings when I saw you post. Thank you so much.

        Lv Stephanie x

    17. Chrissie Cross 9 months ago

      And how lovely you look! 🙂

    18. Jamie Vegas 8 months ago

      You look amazing.

      • Author
        Stephanie Aston 8 months ago

        Hi Jamie
        Sorry for the late reply, its been a mad couple of weeks but finally get a round to saying thank you for your msg.

        Kindest Stephanie x

    19. Janine O. 8 months ago

      Fantastic, Stephanie!

    20. Simone 8 months ago

      Everything about you is lovely. Your curves, smile, the lovely dress how it flows and great shoes. You are a beautiful lovely woman.

      • Author
        Stephanie Aston 8 months ago

        Hi Simone
        Just to read your lovely words of encouragement make me shiver thank you so much.

        Lv Stephanie x

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