1. Piper Ayres 2 years ago

    U look very nice

  2. Jesse Nicole(Smokey) 2 years ago

    Very Pretty!

  3. kimberly 2 years ago


    Love the short shorts look very sweet

  4. Alexis Roberts 2 years ago


  5. Stephanie 1 year ago

    Hi Emily!
    Thank you very, very, very much for posting your three very beautiful photos! You are stunningly gorgeous! I am giving my highest praises to you for choosing and wearing very pretty clothes and for…..being Emily!

  6. VickieJ 1 year ago

    Cute pics Emily

  7. Jamie-Lynn 1 year ago


  8. BarbieDoll 1 year ago

    Boy, I wish I could make myself look that good.

  9. Lisa Thomas 1 year ago

    I want to look THAT sexy!!!

  10. Rochelle 1 year ago

    You, my dear, are a stunning woman.

  11. Jim 1 year ago

    Wow you are very beautiful. I would love to have you on my arm.

  12. Andrea Haille Rayne 12 months ago

    I love the way you look in this photo and your confidence. I also love the sexy pose you used. Your shorts and top are so sexy looking. I would love to learn how to look as sexy as you do i this photo.

  13. Billie girl 10 months ago

    Very nice Emily and such a pretty face looking so good

  14. mike 9 months ago

    Wow gorgeous.x

  15. LalinaV 9 months ago


  16. Holly 9 months ago

    Hello. You are very sexy

  17. Gwen Saxon 8 months ago

    Wow very hot and sexy

  18. Kara Kelly 8 months ago

    You are rocking that outfit!!!

  19. Jill Hill 8 months ago


  20. Sonia Reynolds 8 months ago

    Lovely gorgeous pose.

  21. Katie Daily 8 months ago

    Hi angel, I think I saw you on fetlife

  22. Patti Parker 8 months ago

    Great shape

  23. Nikki 8 months ago

    Wow you have all the right curves hun!!

  24. Jamie Vegas 8 months ago

    I absolutely love the shorty shorts! They are one of my favorites to wear now.

  25. Shonda 7 months ago

    Looking good

  26. Carin Moeller 6 months ago

    Fantastic girl. Very attractive.

  27. Melinda 6 months ago

    Emily you look so beatyfully and sexy wow you look very nice love the outfit and the picture keep in touch hugs and lots of hugs

  28. Sadie Johnson 6 months ago

    You are gorgeous. Hope i can pull that outfit off someday

  29. Helena Diaz 6 months ago

    Unnng!! Nothing like a nice pair of cutoffs. My favorite “go to” when lounging at home!

  30. Stephie 5 months ago

    Wow! Amazing

  31. Andi Lawyer 5 months ago

    Beautiful, I’m jealous

  32. Freakky Boi 5 months ago

    Hey I like wht I see

  33. Candytgirl Scott 5 months ago

    Oh my god you are so gorgeous!! I wish I looked a fraction of gorgeous that you do.

    • Dt 5 months ago

      Very very sexy very nice pose would love to meet you

  34. Shannon Fox 4 months ago

    Nice outfit your very sexy hope I can look that good someday

  35. Vikki9 Blue 4 months ago


  36. McKenzie Jones 4 months ago

    Emily you look amazing! I love your eyes!

  37. Danni Neels 4 months ago

    You make me think of that Chris Isaak song “I wanna do bad things to you”.

  38. Melissa 3 months ago

    So lovely, Emily. Hugs, Melissa

  39. Daryl Page Page 3 months ago

    Simply beautiful.
    This striking photo inspired me to come out.
    Please see mine when they post.

  40. Darling 3 months ago

    You look very nice Emily

  41. Morag Campbell 3 months ago

    A very hot picture gurl

  42. Mica Curious 2 months ago

    Love it

  43. RavenLooksfarr 2 months ago

    U r so absolutely gorgeous I can only imagine the feminization U have undergone to achieve such a fabulous look! U seemly have been able to do it with minimal effort, which is probably not the case but bcuz u make it seem so effortless, I have decided that I wanna grow up to be just like u! Lol! While I maybe joking a bit, u truly do have a fantastic look going on that u make look so easy. Girl, u r amazingly beautiful n so pretty, I can only hope that I can get such an amazing look to make me look half as good as u do and that I can eventually get to the point of looking so completely feminine and female as u do, when I get my female transitioning to the point of living full-time as a female! And I’ll admit, that if I ever do get to where I look that good when I’m living full-time as a female, I just know that I’ll be spending hours on that look to get it as wonderfully female and feminine as u look. I probably will have to spend hours on that look, while u can get it together smoothly and quickly and still make something simple like Jean shorts and a simple white blouse seem polished and so perfect. But I’m gonna keep at trying to achieve such a look for my full-time female persona and hopefully some day do so with the style and flair u make look so easy! Thanks for the inspiration, love Raven

  44. petralacy Simon 2 months ago

    congratulations, very nice!

  45. petralacy Simon 1 month ago

    Ohhhhh you got me dreaming.. warm hugs, p.

  46. Celeste Able 1 month ago


  47. franceen Delgado 2 weeks ago

    wow ! A little sluttybut I like.makes me want to dress as a better slutty look!

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