Getting ready to go out and enjoy some wine with my wife. Cheers.

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Started dressing 33 yrs ago with my wife. It was sexual at first then grew in to wanting to just be a woman from time to time.

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    1. Tammysue Wall 4 weeks ago

      wow so pretty love the dress

    2. Casandra Crisp 4 months ago

      If I was your wife I would turn lesbian and make you dress all the time you are gorgeous

    3. Abby Lauren 7 months ago

      Lovely pic of you. Very naturally femme.

    4. Charliene Gaudiosi 8 months ago

      You are lucky to have your wifes support,
      mine refuses.


    5. Sara Marie Franklin 8 months ago

      Very beautiful and love that dress. Keep smiling you are all woman.

    6. Gina Angelo 8 months ago

      Simple but beautiful. You’re lucky to have someone to share with

    7. Shanda Courtisan 10 months ago

      Dam you are so lucky I wish I could do that one day

    8. Roma 10 months ago

      Real pretty, great dress, a real sexy look

    9. Jamie Vegas 11 months ago

      Some day I would like to go out with my wife, we just have not got that far yet, she does not mind me dressing up, make up on the other hand is something else.

    10. Patti Parker 11 months ago

      Ready for work

    11. Patti Parker 11 months ago

      Very nice

    12. Kara Kelly 11 months ago

      You look very pretty.

    13. stella love 1 year ago

      Your so lucky to be able to go out with a supporting wife

    14. Jean marie 1 year ago

      Very attractive lady.

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