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  1. Darlene Edwards 2 months ago


  2. Leonara 4 months ago

    Well done Leslie, such a pretty lady
    I hope my first makeover is as good as yours. Thanks for sharing

  3. Kara Kelly 4 months ago

    Very pretty, Leslie.

  4. Jamie Vegas 4 months ago

    Nice picture, beautiful smile, thank you

  5. Patti Parker 4 months ago

    Very comfortable

  6. Bobbi Scott 5 months ago

    Very classy.


  7. Robin Twain 8 months ago

    Leslie – I was checking out the picture gallery – you are so pretty. Gorgeous.

  8. debbie 10 months ago

    thanks Leslie for the pic and do recommend girls you try going to taaz for a virtual makeover that is free. See how you look in different hair styles and makeup to give you some ideas now

  9. Tachia Blue 10 months ago

    WOW you are hot gurl, would love to straighten your hem!!!!

  10. Renee 11 months ago

    You look beautiful Leslie – and classy

  11. Stephanie Cross 11 months ago

    Good job Leslie

  12. Erin Gurly 1 year ago

    Nice – very pretty. You look great.

  13. Penny 1 year ago

    You look so happy! Congratulations, Leslie!

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