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  1. Profile photo of Darlene Edwards
    Darlene Edwards 4 days ago


  2. Profile photo of Leonara
    Leonara 2 months ago

    Well done Leslie, such a pretty lady
    I hope my first makeover is as good as yours. Thanks for sharing

  3. Profile photo of Kara Kelly
    Kara Kelly 2 months ago

    Very pretty, Leslie.

  4. Profile photo of Jamie Vegas
    Jamie Vegas 2 months ago

    Nice picture, beautiful smile, thank you

  5. Profile photo of Patti Parker
    Patti Parker 2 months ago

    Very comfortable

  6. Profile photo of Bobbi Scott
    Bobbi Scott 3 months ago

    Very classy.


  7. Profile photo of
    Robin Twain 6 months ago

    Leslie – I was checking out the picture gallery – you are so pretty. Gorgeous.

  8. Profile photo of debbie
    debbie 8 months ago

    thanks Leslie for the pic and do recommend girls you try going to taaz for a virtual makeover that is free. See how you look in different hair styles and makeup to give you some ideas now

  9. Tachia Blue 8 months ago

    WOW you are hot gurl, would love to straighten your hem!!!!

  10. Profile photo of Renee
    Renee 9 months ago

    You look beautiful Leslie – and classy

  11. Profile photo of Stephanie Cross
    Stephanie Cross 9 months ago

    Good job Leslie

  12. Profile photo of Erin Gurly
    Erin Gurly 1 year ago

    Nice – very pretty. You look great.

  13. Profile photo of Penny
    Penny 1 year ago

    You look so happy! Congratulations, Leslie!

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