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... said "Brigitte Bardot": she's now 88 and while I felt honoured to even hear the name of such a lovely, principled lady, I thought that she still looks better than me, even today! Ain't it fantastic what a great photographer can do for even the plainest model? Love you all; Holly XXX


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Holly Marie

Love this site; I've been dressing up for many a year and have been hoping that I could find such a place where I could let other folk like me see how I am, while giving me an idea of where I may be heading in the future. I've finally worked out how to post a picture or two; I can't claim I look very good, but at least I feel a little less of a fraud. Hey; why not let the world see a bit of the real me? Hopefully, I'll be able to show off a little more in the near future - and hopefully look a little bit better... and I've now plucked up the courage and had a professional makeover and photoshoot done! I'm never going to look beautiful - but the lovely Tracey managed to put lipstick on a pig! Please let me know if you like my pictures - I don't think they look that much like me (good thing, really!) but I'm so proud that I managed to get up the courage to have them taken! (I've now gone and booked another makeover & photosession; I'm really curious about how the new pictures will make me look - and really excited at the same time!)

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