This is my latest addition

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This is the latest addition to my dress collection, just got it today


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    Erica Cartman

    Hi, I am a CD that is looking to improve herself, looking to meet and talk to new friends who share similar interests. I'm closeted for now but looking to break out and show the world who I am as Erica. So if you would like to talk and share, please drop me a line...Thank You!

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    1. lynn pond 3 days ago

      You are beautiful. Very nice

    2. Jillian Simpson 4 days ago

      Adorable. Love it.

    3. Hi Erica….great pictures sweetie. Tell us girls…where do you find such nice clothing?? Drop me a line sometime…….fishing for info. LOL (yes…I am being punny again)

      • Author
        Erica Cartman 4 days ago

        Thanks!!! You re so cute… Believe it or not I go to a lot of thrift and second hand stores in my area. I made a huge score at one place, some of the stuff still had tags on them! I saved at least 60% over retail… I won’t shop in regular or on-line stores anymore except for stuff like undies, stocking and make up. … Why pay more? And most Clerks are really cool about letting you try on before you buy, that helps a lot! I hope this helps you Honey!!

    4. Jamie Vegas 6 days ago

      What a super cute print dress, you look great!

    5. Celeste Able 6 days ago


    6. This is a really great look on you!

      • Author
        Erica Cartman 6 days ago

        Hey Brina thanks so much…it’s about time we see more of your pix…what cha got planned? I know it will good regardless, you are so beautiful. xo Erica

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