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En Femme Style

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Jeanette Johnson

My story is much like the rest of the ladies Experimenting dressing up as a female over the years going through three failed marriages never really realizing why I was so unhappy with my self about two years ago I was off on medical leave at home started experimenting again have been dressing every chance I get. Unfortunately I’m still working so that limits my time. Came out to my wife about a year and a half ago and she was not happy with me. Totally not even trying to understand. Thought she was going to walk out but so far she is staying around don’t want her to leave because I really adore and love her. I’m so envy the girls that there wife is supportive. So life goes on thank you for your patience

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    Angela Wagner
    Managing Ambassador
    Famed Member
    10 months ago

    What a wonderful outfit! I love that blend of colors — it reminds me of autumn. Shopping for clothes en femme, trying on new outfits, taking a dressing-room selfie. What fun you must have had! Thank you for sharing this photo with us.

    Lorraine Lowry
    Active Member
    10 months ago

    Oh yes. This is an unusual outfit, and it’s lovely. It will draw attention ( the good kind) . Hope you bought it. P.S. I’m jealous you found it first.

    Kaitlyn Pari (Atlantic Princess)
    Active Member

    Jeanette, I love your outfit! Everything is perfect from your smile to your nails and yes I have to have my toes the same as my fingernails! Oh my I have the same sandals. What a great autumn outfit.

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