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I started dressing as a young child and really picked it up as puberty hit. I couldn't wait till I was home alone and put on my moms bra and nylons and always always one of her soft silky slips, I would then find something soft like more nylons for my breast inserts. I would then experiment with dresses and skirt outfits as I was thinner back then and we were the same size at that time. Her evening dresses and cocktail dresses were my favorite but it was also exciting slipping into her skirt outfits they were always so chic and matching (looking back, mom had great taste so I was very lucky). She also had a couple wigs and though at that time it wasn't as important, I did wear them from time to time just to complete the look. As a young adult I got busy raising a family, and though I wore my wife's clothes it just wasn't enough alone time, and though she knew I liked wearing her clothes, mainly because she figured it out when I would buy her very nice clothes, some things would be a little bigger than her sizes (Hmmm...??) and trying to hide things quickly when she would get home, clothes would be out of place and basically was busted. But I never got the wigs and shoes then, but it was great fun dressing and putting on her makeup whenever possible. Well... now that I've been divorced for a while, I have a shopping problem, lol. I have around 20 wigs at any given time some duplicates for when I find a style I like, over 100 pair of nylons and tights, over 60 pair of shoes and boots, over 75 slips half slips and cami's, 217 dresses, and over 100 skirt outfits, over 50 sweaters boleros and coats, and I have lots and lots of jewelry (mostly costume but cute and tasteful). I work 2 days a week after retiring from another job, and I like dressing up the other 5 days if possible, mostly around home, or long drives, I love going out to different venues but there isn't much close by, and not a lot of girlfriends around to hang out with, though I will always go to the cemetery dressed when visiting relatives graves, plus its quiet and beautiful there and because I know I wont be bothered there. I would really like to meet some girls to go to places like Vegas, or Florida with. This girl just wants to have fun...

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Bree Carrington
Active Member
Bree Carrington
4 years ago

Hi there,

You look beautiful! I love your headband!

Hugs and kisses

Denise S
Denise S
4 years ago

Great look, beautiful.

Jerri Newman
Jerri Newman
3 years ago

Hi Jessica, very beautiful. Love your sweater, your figure, and your pearl bracelet

Samantha Williams
6 months ago

Love this picture too. You just look Great as usual

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