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...but I still wanted to post this second photo of this one-piece. Why? Because I invested quite a bit of time and effort trying to pull this one off. Also, interesting tidbit: this suit is an exact replica of one owned by my wife almost 40 years ago, which I very much enjoyed wearing many times over, as I did not have my own wardrobe in those early days. So it's kind of a full circle thing. Note I have greatly distorted the color balance and lighting in this photo, attempting to create an artistic effect.



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On-and-off CDing since early teens. Long stretches without any urges but here in my advanced middle age Mona has emerged in force. She's a high-spirited gal who shall no longer be denied. It's both thrilling and a bit intimidating because I don't know where she's planning to take me. Although I only get to dress every now and then, I'm having great fun and just enjoying the ride. I'm happy to have found this welcoming and supportive community and hope to get more involved as time allows.
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Angela Wagner
Managing Ambassador
Famed Member
3 months ago

Well, I think you stayed in the tanning bed a little too long. But other than that, you look sensational! I particularly like your smile in this photo.

Parth Panday
3 months ago

You are looking BEAUTIFUL Mona !!!

Jenna Garrett
Trusted Member
3 months ago

Mono you never cease to surprise me you look fantastic

Lacy Williams
3 months ago

Wow, you pull this off so beautifully! So smooth and so curvy! You are the form that beautiful feminine clothing is supposed to adorn and look fabulous on.

I just love to dress this way, and your style is a favorite among the girls so far. Your wardrobe is appropriate for everyday anywhere. You even look great in the pants and not many girls can get away with that! Swimsuit, pants and top, skirt and top, casual dresses to elegant and feminine and refined.

Keep it up, girl! You got it going on!

Megan Kelly
Trusted Member
3 months ago

As long as you are wearing a leopard print suit there is no restriction on when and where.

Ariel Flyer
Active Member
3 months ago

I love the look Mona, beautiful as always

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