Question: How many crossdressers are needed to take one photograph?

Answer: Nobody knows. Once a crossdresser starts taking photographs of herself they just never stop at one!

So, yes, many of us take photographs of ourselves when we are “dressed up” and looking pretty (we hope!) and we do it for many different reasons. I won’t even try to touch on that topic.

But as managing Ambassador in Media, and as a follow up on the Internet safe practices topic posted by BillieJay, let’s look at some of the related topics when uploading images to the CDH servers, shall we?

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A great starting point is taking a couple of minutes to read the photo posting rules and guidance, and the Community Code of Conduct.

Remember that all images uploaded to our servers are subject to moderation. Including profile and cover images, uploads in the chat room, groups, and private galleries (these for Baroness memberships and above), and the photos submitted to the Public photos section.

Private galleries are not visible to anybody who is not signed in to CDH, and will not appear as results on internet search engines (think Google and similar).

Even with this privacy practice in place, don’t forget that the only definitive way your photo won’t be ever found either intentionally or accidentally by somebody “surfing the net” is by never uploading your photo to any computer or device connected to the internet.

Here comes one piece of advice: don’t ever upload any content you would be embarrassed or even ashamed of if found by your family, coworkers, teammates, etc.

Even if you meet somebody here in CDH, any personal information you may end up sharing with them outside CDH leaves us without any possibility of helping you shall things happen with that information you shared in private

Also, depending on how “out” you are to those around you (or how deep into the closet you are) avoid photos with content that can be identified by those who know you. From license plates. Street number (of full address even), diplomas in the background, company awards, etc.

Several of the rules in place are also to prevent our members from being identified. We don’t allow for non-crossdressing photos (with very few exceptions!) and we definitely don’t allow for photos of minors.

We also don’t allow for embedded email addresses, phone numbers, or URLs in photographs. But we can’t stop you from sharing information about yourself, even though we advise you not to do so. Sometimes, all it takes is a motivated individual to put all the clues together and find you in real life. No, I am not advocating for our users to post lies about themselves. But be careful with what you share in public!

if you have any questions about CDH in general, including but not limited to security, don’t hesitate in contacting any of the Ambassadors, we will be happy to help!



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Gabriela Romani

Since my early childhood I have already gravitated towards all feminine things. Had a really happy childhood not unlike most other boys, but always knowing there was something special about me. Oldest memories about wanting to wear any girls clothes are from when I was around three or four years of age. Long story short, l dressed on and off during my teens and as a young adult. Met my now wife, and told her soon after we became engaged. After diferente levels of tolerance, she is sadly is not accepting of my gender issues. I do my best to exist within the limits of my situation as my family is the most important thing in my life.

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Managing Ambassador
Active Member
1 year ago

Thank you. Gaby! 

1 year ago

Thanks Gabriella, that was excellent advice. Btw, these days there’s concern by some girls about facial recognition software. If at all in doubt about whether this might apply to any of your photos, just pop them into a reverse image search, and reassure yourself that the software doesn’t id you (hint : so far it never has for any photos I’ve tested)

Peggy Sue Williams
Noble Member
1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this excellent and important information,

Active Member
1 year ago

Google Photos identifies some of my CD images as “me” in the listing by people section. Image recognition AI has become pretty advanced as to index both the “me’s” as the same person even with full make-up/wig. It’s just a matter of time when Google reverse image search is given this capability. So, in case you do not want to be identified, do not post. As far as I am concerned, I have both anxiety as well as a sense of nervous excitement, should someone in my circle point me out.

Last edited 1 year ago by PrincessByDawn
Auroras Livingfem
1 year ago

Thank you Gabi , Marti, and sisters for tips and information on security in CDH
Auroras Livingfem

Danika Ruse
1 year ago

Gabriela, thank you so much for that informative post and unfortunately the only safe alternative is to stay in our closets and not share our true selves with other like minded people. I hadn’t thought of the reverse image as an added security measure so thank you for that post Marti, great idea I have only posted a few images so far but hope to share more soon. Ladies, be proud of who you are but please be safe too.

Geraldine Mac
Active Member
1 year ago

Thanks Gabriela.
I must admit that when I joined CDH, and when I started posting photos (and on Flickr), I was very conscious of the danger of blackmailers, and family members and acquaintances recognising something in the background of photos that would identify me. I therefore used public places, hotel rooms, or non-identifying backgrounds for my photos. But it’s not such a problem now that I have ‘come out’ to my SO.

Celine Onaback
1 year ago

I am planning to put some photos of myself in female clothing on this site when I have more time available to me. Although this is a good article of advice. One thing for sure is that I will never upload a picture of myself in female clothing on Facebook and Twitter. This is for my own safety and security. The last thing that I don’t need is getting embarrassed by my family members.

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