Body Beautiful Feminine Hypnosis



The Body Beautiful Program is a 4-session audio program designed to help you achieve your feminine body goals while maximizing your beauty and confidence.

Specifically created for crossdressers and transgender women, it will inspire new habits and behaviors that will lead to the beautiful, fit, feminine body you’ve been dreaming of.

The Dream Body Hypnosis session will give you the motivation and mindset you need to achieve your feminine dream body.

It will support you in making changes that lead to a healthy, fit, beautiful body – including eating right, exercising, resting, taking care of your body, and sticking to any other feminizing protocols that will help you achieve your goals.

The Radiant Beauty Hypnosis session will help you unleash your innate beauty and femininity.

By holding an image of yourself as a beautiful woman, you will literally radiate more beauty, youth, and femininity through your body and appearance.

Wake Up to Your Dream Body is a short, 9-minute session that will help you kick start your day on the right foot!

You have the power to design your day the way you want it to be. Why not make it a great day, where you are filled with commitment and motivation to take the actions that will lead to your dream body and life?

The Dream Body Affirmations session contains affirmations that reinforce the suggestions in the hypnosis sessions.

The affirmations are said in the first and third person to reprogram your mind from several angles. Simply listen to the audio while you relax, exercise, or go about your day – and your thoughts and beliefs will naturally transform as your mind absorbs the affirmations!


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