Many of us humans have a unique, sometimes useful, talent.  Now I can’t sing, break dance, write code, spelunk, base jump, knit, podcast, twirl a baton, do calculus or remember what I had for lunch, however, I can park a car very well!  Not just park, mind you, but also find that handy parking spot time after time!  Somehow that vacant spot seems to find me. Friends and family call me a “Parking Savant”.  However, it’s only when in male mode that this parking expertise blossoms.  If I had to teach someone how to find a space or park a car the lesson would be hit or miss. This odd but useful skill just sort of happens, but I can’t really describe how it happens or how to do it.

That brings me to this strange fact – driving as female is a different skill.  Not to be sexist but females seem to have a tougher time parallel parking but I’ve also seen many men struggle at it as well.  When I am in female mode, I seem to not only lose my parking “gift” but just getting into my car can be an adventure.  Instead of just plopping myself into a seat in one easy move like male me tends to do, I’ve noticed female me must be aware when performing this rather simple movement.  Once I’ve opened the door I need to plan to turn half way around with my back toward the interior and lower myself down to the seat with the help of the steering wheel and then, with legs pressed together, slide them gently around and in.  If I’m wearing something short and/or tight I need to be even more careful that the hem doesn’t ride up too high.  Exiting is just as tricky.

Women also have a totally different posture and style while driving.  They/we seem to sit much more upright and much closer to the steering wheel while keeping both hands at the prescribed “10 and 2” position. I find myself just doing this automatically.

Men, on the other hand, slouch, lean back and steer with one arm.  Men also adjust the rear view mirror and, once it’s set, may never move it again whereas some women will often need to adjust the rear view mirror not just because of the change in seating position but also to apply makeup or check their lipstick. I know I do.

En Femme Style

Finding a parking space while en femme is usually easier because, more often than not, I will be headed for a mall with its acres of head-in parking, but if I am faced with parallel parking, I find I’ve suddenly lost my maneuvering skill.  I hate it when I bump into the curb with my rear wheel or realizing I didn’t turn in sharp enough and I’m a foot or two away from the curb.  Either way, I have to pull out and try again.  It would seem I shouldn’t be having this problem but perhaps some female part of my brain is doing the parking.  I find it both frustrating and comical.

Something else I do, but I don’t know if other women do, is to bring a pair of flats because driving in heels does not work for me.  I find it dangerous as my ankle and foot are now at an angle to the pedals which seems unsafe to me. Once I’ve safely parked I can then slip on my heels and check my makeup before exiting my car and then click, click, clicking my heels on my way.  I’m pretty certain that a man would never think of changing his shoes just to drive his car.

I do worry that I may someday be pulled over by a policeman for some infraction or fender-bender or perhaps have car trouble. It’s always on my mind anyway but I’m extra cautious whenever driving en femme.  Male me could possibly have to face similar problems but not with all the female fears.

Koala Swim

Although it’s more complicated to drive as Mary, I am proud to be a woman driver.  I think I drive much safer and definitely slower plus I get to see myself in the mirror!  Win, win, win!

  • Have you been out driving in a vehicle in total girl mode and if so, how did it feel and go?
  • Do you worry about someone checking you out while stopped at a traffic light while out driving in all girl mode?
  • Have you gone through a fast food drive through while in total girl mode and how did that experience go?

Thank you girls for taking the time to read my article and feel free to offer up your comments to the article or provide an answer to one or more of the questions I’ve posed to you above!

And have a super 2022 girls!

With much love, Mary




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Kristen Smithly
Active Member
Kristen Smithly(@kristencd)
3 days ago

I don’t have road rage at all when I have more feminine attire then just panties on underneath. Just not stressed, the same thing happens at home when I am fully dressed in my feminine clothes. I just feel so at ease. I still can’t parallel park whether in drab or not though!

Cindi C
Cindi C(@cindi3)
3 days ago

When I have to drive in the snow I am always so worried I will get my car stuck again

Julie (Jules) Anderson
2 days ago

Thanks for the article, Mary! I too am a proud female driver! I love being at a light and getting “checked out”, it’s thrilling! Especially since I’m safe in my warm comfy car…lol I find I’m more aware of my surroundings, etc, when driving enfem, and therefore enjoy the drive, enjoy the journey more, not just the destination. Want more of a challenge? Drive with the top down and keeping my wig in place…lol Honestly, I have a Miata, and nothing, I say nothing is more fun than a sunny top down day with the wind swirling my hair and… Read more »

Julie (Jules) Anderson
1 day ago
Reply to  Mary Contrary

Oh gosh, I can relate, girlfriend. Actually, when in full Jules butterfly mode, I take on all the concerns, worries, awareness, and caution all, or most women must feel, especially around “men”. And yes, I lock my doors too, I mean two, like in twice…lol

Angela Booth
Active Member
Angela Booth(@ab123)
2 days ago

Yes there are many considerations when driving En Femme. These days there seem to be as many women aggressive drivers as men.Apart from deportment when entering and exiting the vehicle along with drivers poise I have found that I do tend to be more mindful of poise when in the process of driving. It is easy to go back to one hand on the wheel and slouch back. I drive almost exclusively as a female now. The other things to remember is that there are some things that can happen that should be thought about. Yes we all fear the… Read more »

Michelle Doherty
Michelle Doherty(@irishgirl)
23 hours ago

Hi Mary

I have started to practice driving in a female style, while practicing my faint smile at the same time. It takes a little getting used to, but I really enjoy it and I used to be a slouched down driver before

Michelle Doherty
Michelle Doherty(@irishgirl)
22 hours ago
Reply to  Mary Contrary

As said in other posts, when in femme mode, my brain turns feminine. Since deciding my ultimate aim is to be femme 24/7, my whole psyche has changed. I now do things I have never even considered doing before and stopped doing other things I previously loved an have done for over 40 years. I drank practically every day and spent all my weekends in bars. Now I could not tell you the last time I had a drink or even thought about one. I have never had any fashion sense and used to grab whatever I saw first and… Read more »

Michelle Doherty
Michelle Doherty(@irishgirl)
21 hours ago
Reply to  Mary Contrary

Hi Mary

I really hope it works out for you and your wife.

Haley Ann
Haley Ann(@cdhaley)
11 hours ago

I love being out and about,,and love being checked out by guys in the car next to me!

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