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Fully enjoying this wonderful and lovely experience. I do take MtF very seriously and as such, spend time each week evaluating my mannerisms, thought processes and my outward appearance to ensure I am fully expressing my feminine side. It is critical for my inner self to expose my growing feminine aspect of who I am.
With just a few exceptions, I dress to go out in public. I find going out in public dressed "en femme" to be exciting and in addition, enabling me with my SO to express to the world my happiness when dressed as a lady.
I femulate my wife. Her style is impeccable. At 6 feet tall, she has very long legs(which I desperately try and emulate with no success) and an eye for fashion and clothing. She has all the advantages of exposure to the latest fashions. My S.O. absolutely loves when I'm dressed en-femme. She often surprises me with fantastic selections of blouses, dresses, undergarments, bling etc. from her profession making this aspect of my life incredible. I am more than fortunate to have her by my side and never take it for granted.
I will continue to refine my appearance. I owe this aspect of my life to be the best that I can be.

A Tall Glass of Wine
A Tall Glass of WineaflowerOut and About
8 10
Another Tall Glass of Wine
Another Tall Glass of WineaflowerOut and About
6 5
Relaxing During a Photo Shoot
Relaxing During a Photo ShootaflowerModeling/Posing
10 2
Short Shorts
Short ShortsaflowerOutfit
16 10
Summer Time Blazer – Evening )Out
Summer Time Blazer – Evening )OutaflowerOutfit
26 10
Relaxing at Girls Night Out
Relaxing at Girls Night OutaflowerOut and About
17 4
NYE Charity – A Bunny
NYE Charity – A BunnyaflowerOutfit
29 6
Just waiting for the photo shoot to start
Just waiting for the photo shoot to startaflowerModeling/Posing
10 3
Turning the Tables
Turning the TablesaflowerModeling/Posing
2 2
Just Chilling Out
Just Chilling OutaflowerCasual
5 3
Trying a New Look for Tonight
Trying a New Look for TonightaflowerOutfit
25 10
Ripped Jeans on Moi?
Ripped Jeans on Moi?aflowerCasual
11 3
Casual with Chain Belt
Casual with Chain BeltaflowerOutfit
17 5
Time in a cafe…
Time in a cafe…aflowerOutfit
13 10
Just a Relaxing Evening Outside with the Ladies
Just a Relaxing Evening Outside with the LadiesaflowerOut and About
13 6
Business Lunch April Style
Business Lunch April StyleaflowerParty Time
28 8
Chocolat! Chocolat! Chocolat!
Chocolat! Chocolat! Chocolat!aflowerOut and About
10 6
Dessert Selection Time
Dessert Selection TimeaflowerOut and About
9 9
Important Research!!!!!
Important Research!!!!!aflowerCasual
19 7
Very Comfortable Summer Dress
Very Comfortable Summer DressaflowerOutfit
22 7
Who Exactly is She Waiting for…………….
Who Exactly is She Waiting for…………….aflowerModeling/Posing
16 9
Summer Dress with Heels
Summer Dress with HeelsaflowerOutfit
9 9
Is April gone(not the month but the person)?
Is April gone(not the month but the person)?aflowerOut and About
9 6
Decided on a skirt
Decided on a skirtaflowerOutfit
7 7
Shopping for Heels….Again!
Shopping for Heels….Again!aflowerShoes
24 6
Just a tad too short?
Just a tad too short?aflowerOutfit
15 6
Intermission at the Symphony
Intermission at the SymphonyaflowerOut and About
9 8
After Business Relaxing
After Business RelaxingaflowerOut and About
11 6
Just Testing Before Photoshoot
Just Testing Before PhotoshootaflowerCasual
11 10
Just a Black Sweater Dress….Michael Kors Sale
Just a Black Sweater Dress….Michael Kors SaleaflowerOutfit
17 6
Luv My Skorts
Luv My SkortsaflowerOutfit
5 4
Fun Disposition Shining Through?
Fun Disposition Shining Through?aflowerOutfit
18 7
Shopping for Spring Tennis Shoes in Skort
Shopping for Spring Tennis Shoes in SkortaflowerOutfit
18 8
A Bit Melancholy Over Keystone 2022 – Did Not Attend
A Bit Melancholy Over Keystone 2022 – Did Not AttendaflowerCasual
16 12
Heading Out to Volunteer En Femme
Heading Out to Volunteer En FemmeaflowerOut and About
16 6
Wardrobe Change to Fall
Wardrobe Change to FallaflowerOutfit
24 3
Back at the Office for One Day
Back at the Office for One DayaflowerOutfit
5 6
At the Request of my SO……..
At the Request of my SO……..aflowerOutfit
3 4
Girls Night Out
Girls Night OutaflowerParty Time
22 10
New Office – Glam it Up!
New Office – Glam it Up!aflowerModeling/Posing
15 9
Piano Bar
Piano BaraflowerOut and About
15 12
Nylons with Seams – En Vogue?
Nylons with Seams – En Vogue?aflowerOutfit
10 5
Simply Enjoying a Coffee Break
Simply Enjoying a Coffee BreakaflowerOut and About
11 6
Opening Night – Lyric Opera Chicago
Opening Night – Lyric Opera ChicagoaflowerOut and About
37 8
Business Attire
Business AttireaflowerOut and About
19 10
Hunting – Safely
Hunting – SafelyaflowerOut and About
6 6
Relaxing Mood Yet Playful
Relaxing Mood Yet PlayfulaflowerModeling/Posing
9 7
Pink Dress – Does it Fit?
Pink Dress – Does it Fit?aflowerOutfit
23 7
Enough Blazers
Enough BlazersaflowerOut and About
6 2
Fall Color Blazer
Fall Color BlazeraflowerOut and About
24 3
A Beautiful Fall Day
A Beautiful Fall DayaflowerModeling/Posing
10 6
Business Clothing at the Edge
Business Clothing at the EdgeaflowerModeling/Posing
12 3
Look at the roses!!
Look at the roses!!aflowerOut and About
12 3
Sale at the outdoor Mall
Sale at the outdoor MallaflowerOut and About
18 5
An Evening Out After Work
An Evening Out After WorkaflowerParty Time
19 11
Christmas Time is Here
Christmas Time is HereaflowerModeling/Posing
18 10

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