Amy Myers

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I'm 60+, hetro, married, and love dressing up!
I keep saying and feeling like I'm new to this, but I have dressed from time to time since my pre teens, but just late 2018 it seems to have become of a bigger part of me, rather than just a role I played from time to time.

I'm interested in music, cars, photography, and plus other interests.

Another view of my Shorts
Another view of my Shortsamylove2dressOutfit
0 0
New shoes
New shoesamylove2dressAccessories
0 1
New clothes.
New clothes.amylove2dressOutfit
3 2
My sort of new gold mini skirt and brand new boots
My sort of new gold mini skirt and brand new bootsamylove2dressOutfit
1 0
Friday Night Dinner in Toronto
Friday Night Dinner in Torontoamylove2dressOut and About
11 4
Red stockings and new black shoes
Red stockings and new black shoesamylove2dressOutfit
2 0
A new wig!
A new wig!amylove2dressOutfit
3 3
New longer skirt
New longer skirtamylove2dressOutfit
1 1
New Coat
New Coatamylove2dressOutfit
1 0
New Year’s Eve Outfit
New Year’s Eve Outfitamylove2dressOut and About
6 0
Xpressions Christmas Gala, Nov 2023
Xpressions Christmas Gala, Nov 2023amylove2dressEvents
11 4
Little Black Dress
Little Black Dressamylove2dressOutfit
4 2
The Maple Sap Maid, Amy
The Maple Sap Maid, Amyamylove2dressCasual
1 3
New LBD.
New LBD.amylove2dressOutfit
5 5
Giselle and Amy after dinner
Giselle and Amy after dinneramylove2dressOut and About
5 2
Harvesting Maple Sap
Harvesting Maple Sapamylove2dressOut and About
8 1
New Leopard print Pajamas
New Leopard print Pajamasamylove2dressCasual
5 0
Leopard print dress
Leopard print dressamylove2dressOutfit
3 0
New Green Dress
New Green Dressamylove2dressOutfit
0 0
Enjoying being out on the deck
Enjoying being out on the deckamylove2dressOut and About
0 0
New Dress, sitting
New Dress, sittingamylove2dressOutfit
4 2
Green Dress sitting
Green Dress sittingamylove2dressOutfit
2 3
This time with a burgundy mini
This time with a burgundy miniamylove2dressOut and About
3 1
Maid making sunday Dessert
Maid making sunday Dessertamylove2dressOutfit
11 4
Relaxing at home
Relaxing at homeamylove2dressOutfit
4 3
Copper Sparkly Dress
Copper Sparkly Dressamylove2dressOutfit
2 2
Leopard top and black skirt
Leopard top and black skirtamylove2dressOutfit
3 1
Different Leopard print blouse
Different Leopard print blouseamylove2dressOutfit
0 0
My new dress, and my first!
My new dress, and my first!amylove2dressOutfit
5 1
Pink Dress for virtual meeting
Pink Dress for virtual meetingamylove2dressOutfit
7 4
Dress and jacket
Dress and jacketamylove2dressOutfit
1 1
Wife’s dress
Wife’s dressamylove2dressOutfit
2 2
New Dress
New Dressamylove2dressGlamming Up
6 6
Dress with jacket
Dress with jacketamylove2dressOutfit
0 0
The French Maid
The French Maidamylove2dressParty Time
3 1
New Top and Old Skirt
New Top and Old Skirtamylove2dressOutfit
8 2
My new top
My new topamylove2dressOutfit
5 3
Xpressions Gala
Xpressions Galaamylove2dressCostumes/Fancy Dress
15 3
My other dress of the evening
My other dress of the eveningamylove2dressCostumes/Fancy Dress
5 1
New mini skirt
New mini skirtamylove2dressOutfit
5 2
New long skirt
New long skirtamylove2dressOutfit
0 4
New Le Chateau dress
New Le Chateau dressamylove2dressOutfit
11 1
Long gown from Le Chateau
Long gown from Le Chateauamylove2dressOutfit
6 6
Outside at a friend’s place
Outside at a friend’s placeamylove2dressOut and About
4 5
Dinner out with Friends
Dinner out with Friendsamylove2dressOut and About
4 3
Twenties dress
Twenties dressamylove2dressOutfit
3 2
Pride Weekend in Toronto
Pride Weekend in Torontoamylove2dressOut and About
10 4
Twenties dress with black jacket
Twenties dress with black jacketamylove2dressOutfit
2 2
Outfit I wore to the salon on Sunday
Outfit I wore to the salon on Sundayamylove2dressOut and About
3 2
Sat night, with home made skirt
Sat night, with home made skirtamylove2dressOutfit
3 0
New Look
New Lookamylove2dressOutfit
0 0
Dinner last night
Dinner last nightamylove2dressOut and About
4 4
A new look, old skirt
A new look, old skirtamylove2dressOutfit
0 0
My most daring look yet!
My most daring look yet!amylove2dressOutfit
2 1
This time with a gold mini
This time with a gold miniamylove2dressOutfit
0 0
Hip bum padding ver1
Hip bum padding ver1amylove2dressOutfit
3 2
Sat night at dinner
Sat night at dinneramylove2dressOut and About
3 3
Lady in Red
Lady in Redamylove2dressOut and About
0 1
St Patrick’s Day!
St Patrick’s Day!amylove2dressOut and About
10 4
New clothes
New clothesamylove2dressOutfit
1 1
New Shoes
New Shoesamylove2dressOutfit
5 0
Outfit for outing
Outfit for outingamylove2dressOutfit
4 2
Relaxing in my chair
Relaxing in my chairamylove2dressOutfit
5 2
Out for a drive this outfit!
Out for a drive this outfit!amylove2dressOut and About
1 0
Fantasy Date outfit
Fantasy Date outfitamylove2dressGlamming Up
16 3
Another New Top
Another New Topamylove2dressOutfit
1 0
Relaxing in mini Skirt and stockings
Relaxing in mini Skirt and stockingsamylove2dressOutfit
6 6
Birthday Toast on Wed night
Birthday Toast on Wed nightamylove2dressGlamming Up
13 2
Tuesday’s shopping outfit.
Tuesday’s shopping outfit.amylove2dressOutfit
3 2
Another outfit, plaid skirt and T shirt
Another outfit, plaid skirt and T shirtamylove2dressOutfit
2 1
My first LBD.
My first LBD.amylove2dress
3 3
This is my second, and newest LBD.
This is my second, and newest LBD.amylove2dress
6 3
New and old.
New and old.amylove2dressOutfit
3 3
Black (faux) fur coat
Black (faux) fur coatamylove2dressOutfit
2 0
Tuesday’s outfit
Tuesday’s outfitamylove2dressOutfit
8 4
Having lunch at McDonalds
Having lunch at McDonaldsamylove2dressOut and About
2 2
Amy, the Party Girl!
Amy, the Party Girl!amylove2dressGlamming Up
2 2
New Bermuda shorts
New Bermuda shortsamylove2dressOutfit
1 1
My friend Nancy and I
My friend Nancy and Iamylove2dressOut and About
8 1
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