Dawn Wyvern

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Long termTG living next to the sea side in the Duchy of Cornwall, UK, with my wonderful partner and 2 batty cats !

I enjoy canoeing, cycling, Traveling and burlesque.

I work as a nurse practitioner in the Oil and Gas industry, and supports many people from the Transgender community.

I have been out and about for many years, and spend a large portion of my time fem.

If you wish to become ‘friends’ with me, please PM me at the same time so as I can get to know you first, rather than just collect names on your list. I am very approachable, but would like to get some idea about who you are and why you would like to link to me.

Goodwood Revival
Goodwood RevivaldawnwyvernOut and About
15 21
SparkledawnwyvernOut and About
8 7
Vintage Nurse
Vintage NursedawnwyvernOut and About
6 8
Come Fly with me ..
Come Fly with me ..dawnwyvernOut and About
10 16
Goodwood Alfa
Goodwood AlfadawnwyvernOut and About
7 16
Pink Dawn at Sparkle
Pink Dawn at SparkledawnwyvernOut and About
15 20
Vintage Dawn
Vintage DawndawnwyvernOut and About
8 10
Driving Dawn
Driving DawndawnwyvernOut and About
6 5
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