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Virginia mature crossdresser, looking to hook up and or just chat about our lives cross dressing. I could use a little help from you with makeup tips? please? Hope to get to know you. I really want to to be passable as possible. At 60 thats a bit of a challenge. Working on tightening my tummy. But I really struggle with the makeup thing. I have been out alone dressed two times. And I worry most about my face, everything else I think is passable feminine. Maybe someone could give me some tips? Am I worrying about that aspect too much? Anyway... Love and Kisses all... Dominique

Parking Lot
Parking Lotdominiqueinheels
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Skirt and Sandals
Skirt and Sandalsdominiqueinheels
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Saturday, going out 2nd time, so nervous
Saturday, going out 2nd time, so nervousdominiqueinheelsOut and About
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My outfit to go out tonight!
My outfit to go out tonight!dominiqueinheelsOut and About
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My cute outfit
My cute outfitdominiqueinheelsCasual
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