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Freshly minted CD, but now realize I am better described as a Two Spirit. Finally free to be me and find my inner peace. A professional with two personalities and sexualities

Lip plumper
Lip plumperginaangelGlamming Up
2 0
Out shopping
Out shoppingginaangelOut and About
11 7
New Outfit
New OutfitginaangelOutfit
32 1
Esprit 2018
Esprit 2018ginaangelGlamming Up
13 4
In profile
In profileginaangelMakeup
15 8
TG Miss part 3
TG Miss part 3ginaangelGlamming Up
7 0
A fair maiden
A fair maidenginaangelMakeup
19 7
TG Miss Part 4
TG Miss Part 4ginaangelGlamming Up
4 0
Happy 55th Birthday to me
Happy 55th Birthday to meginaangelGlamming Up
33 1
Formal Night at SCTC 2018
Formal Night at SCTC 2018ginaangelGlamming Up
13 5
Getting ready for the day
Getting ready for the dayginaangelMakeup
10 7
Just stylin’ casual
Just stylin’ casualginaangelOut and About
32 12
New Holiday Dresses
New Holiday DressesginaangelOutfit
23 2
Out and about
Out and aboutginaangelOut and About
19 9
New Brown Leather Jacket
New Brown Leather JacketginaangelOutfit
5 0
Me in a more traditional dress
Me in a more traditional dressginaangelOutfit
8 0
Happy 56th Birthday to me
Happy 56th Birthday to meginaangelParty Time
11 3
Night shot
Night shotginaangelOut and About
14 0
Red carpet look
Red carpet lookginaangelGlamming Up
18 3
My Chola-inspired look
My Chola-inspired lookginaangelGlamming Up
8 4
8 6
GNO at a CD/TG meetup
GNO at a CD/TG meetupginaangelOut and About
10 0
Cream Leather Jacket
Cream Leather JacketginaangelOutfit
7 0
New hair
New hairginaangelModeling
5 6
My rocker look
My rocker lookginaangelMakeup
12 1
’70’s Throwback
’70’s ThrowbackginaangelOutfit
23 10
New Year’s Eve 2018 Part 1
New Year’s Eve 2018 Part 1ginaangelGlamming Up
12 9
New Year’s Eve 2018 Part 2
New Year’s Eve 2018 Part 2ginaangelOut and About
8 4
My new hair
My new hairginaangelGlamming Up
4 0
A night at the Oasis in SF
A night at the Oasis in SFginaangelParty Time
12 5
I am ready for my closeup
I am ready for my closeupginaangelMakeup
4 0
First attempt at Makeup
First attempt at MakeupginaangelMakeup
20 2
Another from TGMiss
Another from TGMissginaangelGlamming Up
13 0
My modern version of Ms. Claus
My modern version of Ms. ClausginaangelMakeup
16 13
Stephanie and Me
Stephanie and MeginaangelParty Time
11 0
TGMiss #5
TGMiss #5ginaangelGlamming Up
16 2
Latest club outfit
Latest club outfitginaangelOutfit
7 0
1st Makeup Lesson
1st Makeup LessonginaangelMakeup
13 1
TGRoctober 2018
TGRoctober 2018ginaangelGlamming Up
11 4
New summer look
New summer lookginaangelOutfit
20 9
Femme Fatale
Femme FataleginaangelMakeup
15 3
GNO in Sacramento
GNO in Sacramentoginaangel
14 0
Post makeup lesson
Post makeup lessonginaangelMakeup
19 0
Corset Night
Corset NightginaangelOutfit
17 4
We made it!
We made it!ginaangelOut and About
2 0
Old Hollywood in the 21st century
Old Hollywood in the 21st centuryginaangelGlamming Up
7 0
a daytime look
a daytime lookginaangelMakeup
22 13
One from TG Miss
One from TG Missginaangel
10 0
A more classic look
A more classic lookginaangelGlamming Up
6 0
Going for that Paris look
Going for that Paris lookginaangel
35 10
Too much?
Too much?ginaangel
10 7
9 5
No, I’ve been out of the closet for a while
No, I’ve been out of the closet for a whileginaangelGlamming Up
15 11
Blonde Diva
Blonde DivaginaangelMakeup
5 2
Trust me, I’m a doctor…lol
Trust me, I’m a doctor…lolginaangelOutfit
9 0
A more adventurous night out
A more adventurous night outginaangelOut and About
6 1
Getting ready to go out to Long Beach
Getting ready to go out to Long BeachginaangelGlamming Up
15 0
My Italian Heritage
My Italian Heritageginaangel
11 6
A recent casino GNO
A recent casino GNOginaangel
16 5
15 6
Are you ready for the club?
Are you ready for the club?ginaangelOutfit
12 0
GNO with Darcy, Kristy, and me
GNO with Darcy, Kristy, and meginaangelOut and About
0 0
A GNO with Amanda and Rhonda
A GNO with Amanda and RhondaginaangelOut and About
6 0
Want to go shopping with me?
Want to go shopping with me?ginaangelOut and About
8 1
New outfits
New outfitsginaangelOutfit
7 4
1st Time Out
1st Time OutginaangelOut and About
7 0
Going for a ‘60s look
Going for a ‘60s lookginaangelMakeup
13 6
More from last photoshoot
More from last photoshootginaangelGlamming Up
14 5
More from the photoshoot
More from the photoshootginaangelGlamming Up
5 4
Formal wear at Esprit
Formal wear at EspritginaangelGlamming Up
6 7
New jeans
New jeansginaangelOutfit
3 0
Walking at Esprit
Walking at EspritginaangelOut and About
6 5
Hi everyone
Hi everyoneginaangelMakeup
24 10
I could dream it is summer…
I could dream it is summer…ginaangelOutfit
13 0
Another view
Another viewginaangelOut and About
9 0
love me a nice sweater
love me a nice sweaterginaangelParty Time
17 2
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