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I was married for 29 yrs. and raised 3 children who now have children of there own which makes me a grandfather of 9. I have lived with cross-dressing as far back as 8 yrs. old that I can remember. Not understanding it throughout my life and still not . I started going out publicly April 2021. I have never known or been around anyone of my nature to talk with or to discuss cross dressing till joining CDH. I have subdued it a lot from fears throughout my life, always wanting to blossom with femme. I have always had it in me and when I used to cross dress it felt so natural. I always wanted so much more that it would make me sad when I had to come out of my clothes and clean myself up. I was on night shift at least 10 yrs. and when the kids were in school I would dress for long periods of time during the day. Which is part of the reason for my wife filing for divorce. Trying to salvage our marriage I purged every fem thing I owned and tried to dismiss my cross-dressing since it was the biggest reason my wife told me that caused her to stop loving me. (It never went away). After that I had a 12 yr. relationship with a women who didn't and couldn't understand it. During that 12 yrs. I was allowed to wear leggings and certain cotton tops. I would have time to myself occasionally to get fully dressed. Sadly she passed August 2020. I found CDH's web site and joined early April 2021. Then on Apr. 17th 2021 was the day I broke through my fears and I went beyond my front door as Janice and haven't stopped yet. I started HRT Oct. 2021. I have been giving myself time to adapt my personality and my walk as Janice living alone. I am still working blossoming in myself as Janice "legally" and enjoying my experience living full time. I have pursued procedures available to me. l am comfortable with my gender identity and living my life fully.

Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Afternoonjan2
52 7
Hello Fall
Hello Falljan2
36 5
Evening in Philly
Evening in Phillyjan2
37 6
Easter Sunday
Easter Sundayjan2
31 3
Lake Erie Gala
Lake Erie Galajan2
12 5
Love these two
Love these twojan2
15 5
Enjoying Life
Enjoying Lifejan2
7 4
Other beautiful women
Other beautiful womenjan2
14 5
Formal Night
Formal Nightjan2
28 5
Day out
Day outjan2
18 5
The reason for Keystone
The reason for Keystonejan2
26 9
Lake Erie Gala
Lake Erie Galajan2
35 4
Me and my tree
Me and my treejan2
33 9
Spring Day
Spring Dayjan2
30 8
Beachtime with the girls
Beachtime with the girlsjan2
36 6
14 4
22 3
Out and about
Out and aboutjan2
15 2
dancing with joy
dancing with joyjan2
45 14
Evening Out
Evening Outjan2
23 3
Sunday blonde
Sunday blondejan2
27 3
48 7
Gray Day
Gray Dayjan2
26 4
LEG 11/22
LEG 11/22jan2
35 5
New coat
New coatjan2
22 3
Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s Dayjan2
22 3
Lake Erie Gala 11/2023
Lake Erie Gala 11/2023jan2
46 8
Enjoying Life
Enjoying Lifejan2
39 8
Caribbean night
Caribbean nightjan2
20 2
38 9
Decisions, decisions
Decisions, decisionsjan2
18 5
Christmas Shopping
Christmas Shoppingjan2
29 5
Sunday’s Best
Sunday’s Bestjan2
28 5
Having Fun
Having Funjan2
18 5
Another Sunday
Another Sundayjan2Out and About
46 7
chilly grey day
chilly grey dayjan2Out and About, Outfit
22 4
Enjoying Life
Enjoying Lifejan2
21 8
enjoying my clothes
enjoying my clothesjan2
27 7
Dress of the day.
Dress of the day.jan2
42 9
Evening holiday event
Evening holiday eventjan2
28 4
High Tea Event
High Tea Eventjan2
14 4
Lovely Roberta
Lovely Robertajan2
16 4
Bridal Shower
Bridal Showerjan2
21 6
Game Day
Game Dayjan2
29 5
Bringing in the new year
Bringing in the new yearjan2
49 5
Dinner and Dancing
Dinner and Dancingjan2
38 4
Beautiful Day
Beautiful Dayjan2
21 2
My bustier corset
My bustier corsetjan2
18 5
Happy Easter.
Happy Easter.jan2
37 3
Wedding guest
Wedding guestjan2
25 4
Putting outfits together.
Putting outfits together.jan2
21 6
Enjoying time with friends
Enjoying time with friendsjan2
21 5
Look in Black
Look in Blackjan2
20 4
Lady in Black
Lady in Blackjan2
19 6
50’s theme
50’s themejan2
34 6
Last of 2023 holiday
Last of 2023 holidayjan2
23 5
Christmas Eve
Christmas Evejan2
34 4
Day at work
Day at workjan2
15 1
Keystone 2024
Keystone 2024jan2
13 4
15 6
Birthday Recognition
Birthday Recognitionjan2
35 7
Me and my friend Janice
Me and my friend Janicejan2
24 6
Sunday Afternoon.
Sunday Afternoon.jan2
29 7
Having Fun
Having Funjan2
32 4
Summer Breeze
Summer Breezejan2
25 4
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmasjan2
39 8
White Theme Night
White Theme Nightjan2
40 6
24 6
Looking towards 2024
Looking towards 2024jan2
18 4
Retro from 2022
Retro from 2022jan2
19 2
Enjoying Life
Enjoying Lifejan2
8 3
Beautiful Day
Beautiful Dayjan2
21 3
Enjoying the Day
Enjoying the Dayjan2
32 8
Saturday night dance party
Saturday night dance partyjan2
95 25
Enjoying the 4th
Enjoying the 4thjan2
15 3
Sunday Outfit
Sunday Outfitjan2
47 4
Gray Day
Gray Dayjan2
26 6
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